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    Don’t wait till you get hungry to order

    I tend to eat unhealthy when in hungry. So, today I ordered a fruit bowl even before lunch, keeping ready for the evening hunger pang. I ordered the above from the Fruit Bowl Co through Swiggy. Their bowls are good, I had bought them a couple of times from them before. The price will be more than if we buy individual fruits and make them ourselves, but then we will end up with more fruits than we can consume in one go. Disclosure: I write reviews about products that I have bought for my usage and paid in full. There were no sponsorship or advertisement, or commission of any sort…

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    Vegetarian meal in Dakshin Restaurant at Adyar Park

    After years, for lunch, I went to the Dakshin restaurant in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chamiers Road, Chennai. Dakshin is famous for serving South Indian delicacies from the four states, especially its lunch menu topped with a piping hot filter coffee. Apart from the food, the place is popular for the live music rendered by artists on a stage in the centre of the restaurant. The restaurant and the music performance have been immortalized in a scene in the Tamil film Singaaravelan (1992) starring Kamal Haasan and Kushboo. For the last few months, it is being rumoured that the Crowne Plaza Hotel premises has been sold to a realtor and…

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    Tasty vada in Chennai-Bengaluru Highway

    Today evening, while driving to Bengaluru (Bangalore) from Chennai by Chennai-Bangalore Highway (National Highway 48, new number) after about two hours when I had covered about 90 km I was craving a snack and coffee. From my previous trips, I like the Hotel Aryaas which was another 60 km (comes after Vellore and before Ambur when travelling from Madras), but today I will be missing it as I was planning to take the Chittor-Kolar road to Bengaluru instead of continuing on NH48. I spotted a Murugan Idli restaurant in Kaveripakkam and tried their Vadai (வடை in Tamil) and a coffee – the Vada (a fried snack made from black gram…

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    Fresh natural sugarcane juice for the summer

    Nothing beats freshly pressed sugarcane juice for relief during the Indian summer. This new shop in Ashok Nagar, Chennai serves hygenic, natural juice for just INR 25 (33 US cents) per cup. The conversation with the owner revealed that unlike his competition, he uses only fully ripened sugarcane shoots as they give the wholesome taste in the squeezed juice – after tasting a cup, I agree with him. The Google Maps location is here. #indiansummer #chennai #naturaljuice #sugarcanejuice

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    Hotel Lakshmi Prakash, Salem

    I am in Salem this week, and a friend recommended I visit the famous vegetarian restaurant, the Hotel Lakshmi Prakash (லக்ஷ்மி பிரகாஷ், சேலம்) in Brindavan Rd, Fairlands, Salem. Today we went to the hotel for dinner, which is in the busy market area of Salem for dinner and it was buzzing with customers, so we got a parcel and left to avoid the crowd. The ghee roast (முறுகல் நெய் தோசை) and the Rawa dosa (ரவா தோசை) were yummy, well worth the trip and the wait. The price was reasonable. Remember, when coming from the bypass to take the road below the bridge and not get on the flyover that goes…

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    Tasty South Indian food I had near Tiruchengode area

    When you are travelling, you get tastiest food at unexpected places. Today we experienced that at two places on our travel to Salem (Tamil Nadu) and surrounding region. Outside the cities it is safe and wise to always eat the local cuisine and to avoid eateries where you don’t find any locals but only tourists. Breakfast in Tiruchengode town, Tamil Nadu Today early morning after our darshan at Namakkal temple, we were on our way to Tiruchengode temple when we were looking for a good enough restaurant for our breakfast. There were many bakeries along the Attur-Rasipuram-Erode highway (Tamil Nadu State Highway 76) but cakes, puff (stuffed spicy pastry) and…

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    Highway Vegetarian Restaurants from Chennai to Salem

    Today I travelled with a friend to Salem for a few days trip, we wanted to visit Gingee Fort ( செங்கிக் கோட்டை) on the way, so we opted for GST Road towards Ulundurpet, instead of the Bengaluru Highway via Krishnagiri. This post is about the few restaurants where we had food during the trip. Highway public facilities in India are better in recent years During my childhood days, travelling long distances by road meant preparing food in advance, packing them in banana leaves, and stopping under the shade of highway trees with mats spread out for the meal.  The food had to remain good for many hours even during the…

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    The treat for me during my school days

    During my school days (Thirty-Five years ago), a treat for me will the simple “Bun, Butter & Jam” that was sold in a nearby bakery. Those days when my mother was going out (a rarity) and won’t be able to give me lunch, she will give Rs.2, the price for the treat, and a permission letter to allow me out during lunchtime – my school didn’t have a canteen till I reached 11th Standard (Grade). I enjoyed watching the local baker picking a long blackened knife (not cleaned for years), slicing the bun in the stomach to leave a small bit at the end holding the two sides together, slapping…