Restaurant Review


The meal served in this restaurant is my favourite, it is called Raja Keeyam. A vegetarian meal that’s made using the principles of Naturopathy and consists of 28 dishes. Everything served is extremely tasty and good for health, and, surprisingly the dishes don’t include Potato, Garlic or Onion. I regularly bring my friends here, especially those coming from abroad and they love the food, the ambience, the service and the variety. Today (24 Feb 2020) was one such trip, and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal. The meal is served on top of Banana leaf, which is said to add fibrous…

Gujarat is famous for the variety of its vegetarian snacks. Today, we went to one of the well-known places in Ahmedabad city – Swati Snacks at Ambli Road. This is a restaurant with minimum modern-decor and the snacks were mouth-watering every bite. Below are a few of the snacks we ordered and shared between us. The pricing was on the higher side, but considering the ambience and the hygienic preparation in the open-kitchen you won’t mind paying.

Arogya Thali at Paati Veedu, Chennai

Earlier I had written about a speciality vegetarian restaurant in T.Nagar, Chennai called Paati Veedu. Today, again I went there – this time with two friends for a tasty and healthy lunch, which they call Arogya Thali [Health Meal] and…