Every year, TiE Chennai organizes their annual mega-event celebrating entrepreneurship called TiECON (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2010, 2008) where we get to hear talks by industry leaders and panel discussions by experts and rising stars. This year too was no different. Below are my personal notes that I took down attending the event.

Awards Night

Yesterday it was the awards night which celebrated entrepreneurs from various fields. The Chennai Children’s Choir, Nalanda Way delighted the audience with their brilliant singing.

Keynote – Behold the Crystal Ball!

The day started with a Keynote by Mr Vineet Nayar, former CEO of HCL. He talked about “How not to be an ant but to be a butterfly”.

  • There is no way you are the smartest one in the room. If you think that you can’t excel.
  • Manage is a French word meaning to get the horse to be submissive to the master. Instead, you should be inspiring.
  • Most entrepreneur ideas are incremental, that’s not useful, it has to be risky, be path-breaking, to take a chance and be bold. We have to respect risk-taking.
  • At HCL, during the recession of 2008, not even a single employee was fired, whereas the competition was doing it for thousands. That made HCL employees to not worry about their job safety and focus on serving the client better.
  • The big question for you to answer yourself is Why should you do this (inspire, bold and change)?

The Chennai Angels and TiE Chennai had organized a very interesting fireside chat session today on the future of content distribution – which was about the business of movie distribution in India and Indian films. The two industry veterans on the stage Mr Senthil Kumar of Qube Cinema and Mr Sanjay Wadhwa of AP International were awesome. They had so much to share on how things work behind the scene in making and distributing a film from a business and commercial perspective. The moderator extraordinaire Mr Chandu Nair had done so much homework on the topic, that he kept the…

Today,  TiE Chennai, had started a 12-week workshop on “Finance for Entrepreneurs” to expose, familiarise, and, educate entrepreneurs on the basics of financials. While a promoter needs to be aware of most of the areas in her business, knowing the basics of finance and accounting is a must. The workshop is being conducted by seasoned professionals in the field including Mr M.S.Jagan, Mr Kannan Ramanathan and Ms Aparna Rammohan. The organizers from TiE had invited me to be the intro speaker to share my experiences. I listed the following four costly mistakes I did in my business due to my lack…

I am happy to have been invited for being one of the juries for the “sprint” sessions of Tamil Nadu Innovation Grand Challenge (TNIGC), an initiative by Tamil Nadu Government’s Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute (EDII) to support ideas of budding startups and to provide a seed money of Rs. 5 Lakhs for each of the winning team. It was a privilege to share the jury duty with leaders of the startup ecosystem in the city – Balram Nair of The Chennai Angels, Dorai Thodla of iMorph Innovation Centre and Ranjith Melarkode of SPI Cinemas. The whole day of pitches…

IIT Madras Incubation Cell along with TiE Chennai had organised a one-day exhibition today – Chennai Demo Day, a marketplace for businesses. The venue was the spacious IIT Madras Research Park, Taramani. For the last few years, IIT Madras has been successfully incubating startups in the areas of rural, social and technology. Today, the public and investor community got a chance to see many of these companies with their solutions for clean energy, healthcare, education, mobility and others. I enjoyed attending the pitch sessions and the exhibition – a good initiative that will be of immense benefit to the founders. I…