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    Democratize development with Power Apps for Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

    In recent months I have delivered a few talks on low-code platforms and Microsoft Power Apps. Today it was at the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon 2021 event, which is a free, online, 60-hour event happening April 26-28, 2021. The event had content going the whole time with speakers from around the globe – In English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. I really enjoyed delivering a session on “Democratize development with Power Apps & AI Builder” for the #m365virtualmarathon conference on the Boston Marathon Track. I get so excited talking about the endless possibilities of #LowCode #NoCode Platforms like the Microsoft #PowerApps to empower businesses around the world.

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    Developing low-code apps with Microsoft Power Apps and AI Builder

    I think the future for the majority of the software being developed will be low-code (and by 2040 No-code) development platforms. Add to this the magic dust of Artificial Intelligence it becomes super exciting. In this connection, I was glad when I was invited to deliver a talk as part of a Microsoft India’s community event today. The title of my talk was “Developing low-code and AI apps with Microsoft Power Apps & Azure AI”. I demoed how easy it is to develop a simple blog viewer application, a blog sentiment analysis, text deduction from a newspaper clip and a food classifier to identify “Rasam” & “Papads”. Agenda: Why low-code…

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    Activating correctly the Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student edition

    I am annoyed when companies design products to get the paying customer into doing things that are good for the manufacturer’s top-line and expensive for the customer. There is nothing wrong in upselling, but they need to be transparent on what is already provided and what’s the upgrade for. Unfortunately, this stealth mode operations are a common theme in the world of Windows PCs and Android Smartphones for decades. The excuse they provide is that there are wafer-thin margins in the business, unlike Apple, who operate on the higher end of the market. Though I am not a fanboy of Apple products, I admire Apple for remaining clean in this…

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    A quick Tamil Dictionary in Microsoft Word 2019

    I just realised that I can use Microsoft Word’s translate feature as a quick Tamil to English Dictionary for getting meanings. It works surprisingly well and even for a sentence (obviously as it is a translation feature and not a word dictionary). I am using the latest version of #MSWORD that ships with Microsoft Office 365 subscription, but I suppose it will work many earlier versions too as the feature has been around for quite some time now.

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    Microsoft Excel – Auto calculation

    For the last two hours, I was going crazy, as none of my Excel spreadsheets were getting updating. It was frustrating to type in a number, press save and then wait to see the recalculated sum appear below. I got the same behaviour for the Windows and Web version. I have been using Microsoft Excel for decades, yet here I am, getting tripped – thankfully my subconscious memory was telling me I knew how to fix this. It turns out, somehow the setting for auto-calculation has reverted to manual. I had to go to File->Options-Workbook Calculation to set it back to Automatic. Unless if the spreadsheet has millions of items,…