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    iPhone faceid finally works with a face mask

    Finally, it is here! Apple fixes iPhone’s faceid to work on faces with #mask. During the pandemic it was a pain to type a PIN everytime to unlock the phone while you were out and wearing a facemask. The new fix with iOS 15.4 doesn’t require an Apple Watch, owning one was a requirement in earlier versions. In the pictures here, notice my mask and the unlock icon (highlighted), taken with #iPhone12 Pro.

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    Redmi 10 Prime

    I was looking for a new phone to replace a Samsung M20 which had broken down and Samsung service was quoting a repair fee of INR 7000 – more than half of the price (INR 12,990) I had paid three years ago. Till now, my experience with Samsung mobiles has been good. My wife was having a Samsung Galaxy M31s, my sister and my son were using Samsung Galaxy M30s, and I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite as my second phone, which I am very happy with.  But recently, apart from the problem with this one (M20) I had heard from a friend about a motherboard problem he was…

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    Apple AirPods Pro

    For two years I have been using an iPad Pro 11″, and for the last year I have had an iPhone 12 Pro (I should write about it soon), but I had not bought any AirPods so far. I considered AirPods to be priced exorbitantly (which they still are) for no obvious benefits over competition other than the fruit logo that’s on top of them. Over the last few years, I have bought a ton of low to mid-priced Bluetooth headsets from manufacturers including Sony, Jabra, Soundcore, OnePlus and others (The good and the bad of the 10 Bluetooth headsets I bought). My thought was to spend Rs 2000 (USD…

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    Apple M1Pro and M1Max are a bigger deal than M1

    With M1Pro and M1max Apple has made it clear they are the top dogs when it comes to professional computer chips too. I find these chips to be more impressive than M1 which came out last year, that I called to be momentous, an assessment that still stands. Apple has shown they have a plan to keep up the pace, and a long runaway ahead. It will be lazy to see M1Max as a threat only to #Intel & #Microsoft, which sure is. It is #Samsung & #NVIDIA who are more paranoid with the technology (they know how to compete with Apple) powering M1 SoCs. They know complacency will destroy…

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    Blank compact discs

    What to do with all these? I used to buy blank discs& cases from Singapore & the USA whenever I travelled, as in those decades they were expensive in India. There used to be many variants over the years: Write-once CD, Re-Writeable CD, Write-Once DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, Double-Layer DVD and so on; many required newer drives and latest OS support to work. These are now sitting on my shelf for more than a decade. I don’t want to throw them – Marie Kondo to forgive – they may come to be needed, as data written on optical discs are supposed to last for a century. Though it is unlikely we…