Today SPIN Chennai had organized an engaging and useful session over zoom video call by the creator of Scrum development process and the famous author Mr Jeff Sutherland. The topic was a relevant one for the current times – Why 47% of Agile Transformations fail?. Watch the full presentation that’s available in YouTube for everyone, thanks, Mr Jeff Sutherland. This post is from the notes I took: Apple is said to have used in full, the ideas from my book – The Art of Doing Twice the work in half the time.  Today, Agility is disrupting not only the software…

I am not sure whether I should be posting this one as it may be seen to be the obvious or generalizing my experience or being plainly cynical. If I sleepover on this, it won’t see the light, hence pressing the Publish now! Businesses in India have followed simple rules for success: Focus on Marketing & Sales, Under-Deliver to customers and have non-responsive after-sales, Manage Employees, and Squeeze out vendors and delay payments to suppliers. This modus operandi seems to have now jumped from domestic businesses to export-oriented businesses; from large enterprises to startups too. I am wondering whether this…

The makers of Kissflow, OrangeScape, has been organizing a successful Technology series in their office at Tidel Park, Chennai. Titled aptly as the CTOTalk, the series offers an opportunity for software engineers & architects in Chennai to hear from the best of the best in the industry. So far the series has featured CTOs from Walmart, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Naukri, Swiggy, Chargebee, Snapdeal and many other big brands as Guest Speakers. Today’s talk was by good friend Mr Rajesh Ramachandran, CTO of Qube Cinema on “Revolutionising Global Cinema with Digital Technology”. Qube Cinema (earlier called as Real Image) is from Chennai…

Recently there was a news item on the Income Tax Officers Union are unhappy with the Government of India’s plan to bring in faceless tax assessments, which is being planned to reduce direct contact between the officers and the assessee thereby minimizing the scope for corruption. This is following the trend of Government tackling (hopefully) the deep-rooted malice of corruption in the department – Government tells 22 IRS officers to put in their papers over graft charges. My thoughts on this There needs to be no doubt now. If the officials (and shortly the union) opposes a move by the…

Every year, TiE Chennai organizes their annual mega-event celebrating entrepreneurship called TiECON (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2010, 2008) where we get to hear talks by industry leaders and panel discussions by experts and rising stars. This year too was no different. Below are my personal notes that I took down attending the event.

Awards Night

Yesterday it was the awards night which celebrated entrepreneurs from various fields. The Chennai Children’s Choir, Nalanda Way delighted the audience with their brilliant singing.

Keynote – Behold the Crystal Ball!

The day started with a Keynote by Mr Vineet Nayar, former CEO of HCL. He talked about “How not to be an ant but to be a butterfly”.

  • There is no way you are the smartest one in the room. If you think that you can’t excel.
  • Manage is a French word meaning to get the horse to be submissive to the master. Instead, you should be inspiring.
  • Most entrepreneur ideas are incremental, that’s not useful, it has to be risky, be path-breaking, to take a chance and be bold. We have to respect risk-taking.
  • At HCL, during the recession of 2008, not even a single employee was fired, whereas the competition was doing it for thousands. That made HCL employees to not worry about their job safety and focus on serving the client better.
  • The big question for you to answer yourself is Why should you do this (inspire, bold and change)?