Normally, we use social media to complain about poor service. I am writing here about a good experience I had today with Maruti Suzuki 24 hour service. Today evening I was in Thiruvanmiyur area, after visiting a relative, I returned to my car parked on the roadside. My bad luck, the car won’t start, the battery had died completely – it was strange as none of the lights or electricals was left running.  A good…

Worldwide transportation experts and Governments are focusing heavily on Electric Vehicles, mainly as a way to handle the growing pollution and greenhouse gas issues. Initially, many believed myself including, that Electric will first come for consumer vehicles like two-wheelers and cars – I even (stupidly) bought one early in 2008. Other than the big successes with Tesla and Nissan Volt, consumers aren’t enthusiastic towards electric scooters and cars anywhere in the world especially in developing…

நானும் திரு யோகி பாபுவும் (போஸ்டர்)

கோலமாவு கோகிலா படம் பார்த்தப் பிறகு நான் திரு யோகிபாபு விசிறியாகி விட்டேன். இதை உளவுத்துறை மூலமாகக் கண்டுகொண்ட எங்கள் வெள்ளிக்கிழமை திரைப்படக் குழு நண்பர்கள் கட்டாயப்படுத்தி எடுத்த புகைப்படம் இது.