• Travel Review

    Sankagiri Fort in Erode, Tamil Nadu

    Today I felt wonderful as if I have accomplished something significant – feeling this way after a long time. This was after I completed the trek/climb to the top of the Sankagiri Fort in Salem District. It took me about 75 minutes to reach the top – a height of 2300 feet.  Since it is a pandemic out there, and we had gone on an afternoon on a weekday I saw only a few others inside the fort – a group of young college students, a couple and a solo traveller. The fort is open for all and has no entry fee, which translates to having no security guards around…

  • Travel Review

    Gingee Fort or Senji Fort in Tamil Nadu

    Though it is only 150 kilometres from my city, Chennai, I have never visited Gingee fort aka Senji fort (செங்கிக் கோட்டை). Today I got the chance during a trip this week with a friend to Salem for a few days. We opted to travel by the GST Road towards Ulundurpet, instead of the Bengaluru Highway via Krishnagiri. We started from Chennai at 8 AM and reached Gingee town in three hours (at 11 AM). To the west of Gingee town is Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu at 30 km, and the same distance to the east is Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu. History of Gingee aka Senji Fort: Wikipedia says Gingee fort was ranked…

  • Woolgathering

    Life grows anywhere

    Grass growing tall on the surface of an abandoned lorry (truck). Just like Artificial reefs are used to promote marine life, this too can be a technique for growing crops and moving them wherever water and sunlight are available! Location: Chennai-Bengaluru highway, near Sriperumbudur.

  • Chennai

    Chennai Nandanam’s skyline

    This is the skyline view of the Nandanam area in Chennai, as seen from the ninth floor of Hotel Raintree, Anna Salai. In the foreground are rows of low-income houses built by the Tamil Nadu Government Housing Board and in the background are the high-rise apartments and offices.

  • Faith

    Navarathri Golu 2021

    Today marks the beginning of Navarathri (Nine Days) festivals in Tamil Nadu, it is called Dasara in many other parts of India. During Navarathri the dolls and idols of Gods and Goddesses are kept exquisitely decorated in what is called in Tamil as Golu (கொலு). Last year, due to the horrible pandemic we had a small display (2020. You can view the display we had in our earlier years here: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2007 & 2004. This year we went for doing a little better, still scaled down, and started the work of bringing down the wooden planks, clothes, the dolls and the paraphilias two weeks back:…