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    English-Tamil meanings in Google Search

    Recently if you search for the meaning of an English word in Google Search, you get the Tamil meaning along with the English meaning. It is kind of like having a LIFCO or OXFORD English-English-Tamil Dictionary available in the search. A nice New Year & Pongal gift from Google. I have been seeing it in India for the last few weeks, not sure when it got rolled out or for which geographies. Apart from English & Tamil, I am seeing English & Hindi and English & Marathi. ஆங்கில வார்த்தையை கூகிளில் தேடும் போது, ஆங்கில அர்த்தத்தோடு தமிழ் விளக்கமும் வருகிறது. புத்தாண்டு மற்றும் பொங்கல் பரிசாக இதைக் கொள்ளலாம். நமக்குப் பழக்கப்பட்ட லிப்கோ அல்லது ஆக்ஸ்வேர்டு அகராதி மாதிரியான…

  • Google Daydream VR

    Google Daydream VR

    It was on Christmas 2018, more than a year back, I bought a Google Daydream VR kit for $99. Using my Google Pixel 2, I played with Daydream for a few days before shelving it for good. Other than YouTube VR, which too had only a limited number of videos, there was nothing else of interest that you could do with the gadget. I was disappointed that it was nothing more than a Google Cardboard made out of good quality plastic. Disclosure: I write reviews about products that I have bought for my usage and paid in full. There were no sponsorship or advertisement or commission of any sort involved…

  • HP Chromebook x2

    HP Chromebook x2

    Earlier I had written about how unsuccessful I was trying to load Chrome OS on a PC, still, Chromebook is an idea that continues to intrigue me – the first one I had tried in 2015 and it was a Samsung Chromebook 2. Last week, a friend returned from the USA, and through him, I got a new HP Chromebook x2, the best Chromebook outside Pixel line up. HP Chromebook x2 is a lightweight and attractive looking laptop that cost US$467 (INR 33,200). With a comfortable (slightly smaller) keyboard it is a convenient machine at a good price. Unlike, other machines in this category of 2-in-1, the tablet weight seems…

  • The podcasts I listen to, and the best app for playing them is now free!

    The podcasts I listen to, and the best app for playing them is now free!

    What’s a Podcast? A podcast is an episodic series of audio or video files which a user can download in order to listen. Next, to messaging & listening to music, I use my Smartphone for listening to Podcasts. For nearly a decade now, they are my companion during my evening walks and commute – helping me to relax, learn and catch up on the happenings effortlessly. Earlier I have written about the podcast episodes I have listened to: Listening to the (late) Sci-Fi author Jerry Pournelle, and reading his classic “The Mote in God’s Eye“ Listening to Rob Reid and then reading his Sci-Fi comedy book “Year Zero” which was about…

  • Linux on Desktop - Chrome OS, Fedora, Ubuntu and Linux Mint

    My experience of loading Chrome OS and Linux on a PC

    What do you do after you get yourself a Gym membership? You go to the mall and buy all new workout wears – new dry-fit Tees (T-Shirts), Trackpants, Gloves and more. Are these really needed? Do these help in your exercises, no, but it makes you feel good and increase your self-confidence! MacBook – was expensive, so a non-starter! The equivalent of the above, when you start learning a new programming platform (nowadays) is to buy a MacBook. If you plan to post anything online on coding, the screenshots have to be taken from a macOS Terminal. In the past, I had owned a MacBook Air, so I thought I…