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    How did I get consistent with my Yoga practice?

    The Pandemic and the Lockdown Because of the pandemic lockdown last year and being cooped up inside our houses for weeks, it soon became apparent to me that I need to burn my energy & sweat it out by exercising. I restarted taking my walking seriously. As a result, from April last year, I became regular and consistent (7000-9000 feet every day) in my walking on the terrace of my house. The Problem But, I was missing my Yoga routine (for over an hour) which earlier was happening twice or thrice every week for the last two+ decades. I decided to do something about that too. That was surprising to…

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    International Day of Yoga 2018

    As it has been for the last few years, every year on International Day of Yoga (21st June) my day begins with a yoga session of the Common Yoga Protocol published by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. The video demonstration is one of the best yoga regimens that can be done every day by anyone – it is easy to follow, well narrated, comprehensive, professional demonstration, great background music, excellent photography, above all well researched, and incorporates ideas from schools of yoga from across the country. If there is one yoga routine you want to follow, start with this. As you become comfortable, you can add to the…

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    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

    I love books, hardcover (hardbound as my father, a publisher for life used to refer it) books with aesthetic cover designs attract me to them like a ‘bee to nectar’. That’s why I purchased G.U.Pope’s Tamil Handbook, a few years ago. I do buy a lot of paperbacks and ebooks at Amazon, but I miss this “experience” of seeing and feeling books – that’s why whenever I see any of the remaining bookstores I will have to go in and spend some time inside them; often to the chagrin of my wife and son. Today while window shopping at OM Bookstore (LG at Phoenix Marketcity, Chennai) a colourful large book caught my…

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    Celebrating International Yoga Day 2016

    I am happy to join everyone around the world in celebrating International yoga day by practicing in the morning the common yoga protocol plus my regular routine. Last year I took the photos outdoor, this year it was indoors in front of the TV watching the common yoga protocol. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to spare twenty minutes a day to love and take care of our body and mind. Let us start from today.

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    Common Yoga Protocol 2016

    The International Yoga day announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister in 2014 has gained traction around the world. With the successful completion of last year’s program based on a set of guidelines by Ministry of AYUSH, this year too a common yoga protocol 2016 has been released. Today under the supervision of my yoga master I did the recommended routine, it takes about 40-45 minutes. Last year’s program was an introduction to Yoga postures, this years’ routine tries to build on it. It covers many different facets of Yoga exercises including forward bend, backward bend, side bend, stretches, breathing and others. You can watch the full routine in the video below,…