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    International day of yoga 21 June 2015

    Last year on a proposal from Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, United Nations had declared 21st June, my son’s birthday :-) as International Yoga Day, the reason for proposing the day was due to the fact it’s the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and significance in many parts of the world. As preparation for the event happening tomorrow for International day of yoga this year, my yoga teacher Sri Gautham Chand has been training us for the last few classes on the Common Yoga Protocol published by the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. Of India. The routine recommended in the booklet by AYUSH is meant to be approachable…

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    International Yoga Day falls on my son’s birthday

    When I picked up the morning newspaper today with my cup of coffee, I was delighted to see a full page advt. from Ministry of External Affairs (Govt. of India). It was the announcement of United Nations announcing June 21st as International Day of Yoga. My joy was not because of my love for Yoga (which I have been practicing for last 14 years) but because June 21st is my only son’s birthday!!!. My 11 year old son has been doing Yoga for last many years as well. Having said this, I am aware that this may amount to nothing on ground to spread the art of Yoga. But then in life we don’t need to…

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    Yoga postures

    I have been practicing yoga for more than a decade now, weekly twice I have my classes. I am lucky to have got two great yoga masters who have tolerated me. They have taught me over the years and continue to do so. Yoga is an ocean and I have come just a few meters away from shore. I hope this post will inspire readers of this blog by showing that if someone like me can do it, so can you!  We may not be perfect or regular, that’s not the point. My master often reminds his students of this verse from Pathanjali Yoga Sutra (the original text of Yoga)…

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    Asatoma Ma Sadgamaya

    In my weekly Yoga classes my Yoga master starts the class and ends the class with either of the following two Sanskrit Hymns. asato ma satgamaya tamaso ma jyotirgamaya mrityorma amritam gamaya (Brhadaranyaka Upanishad) Meaning: Lead me from the untruth/unreal (asat) to the truth/real (sat), Lead me from darkness to light, Lead me from death to immortality. Om sahana vavatu sahana bhunattu Saha viryam karawavahai Tejasvinavaditamastu Ma vidvishavahai Om shanti shanti shanti (Kato Upanishad) Meaning: Together may be be protected Together may we be nourished Together may we work with great energy May our journey together be brilliant and effective May there be no bad feelings between us Peace, peace,…

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    Protecting Yoga from Patents

    The US Patent Office has already granted 150 yoga-related copyrights and 2,315 yoga trademarks. Indian Government normally reacts too late in protecting against Patents being awarded in Western world for age old Indian traditional practices. In an unexpected sense of urgency it seems to be acting now on Protecting several Yoga techniques from being patented. “The Indian government is getting old Sanskrit and Tamil texts translated and is also cataloging ayurvedic medicines. The information will be made available in five languages so patent offices around the world can access it, according to the International Herald Tribune“