The International Yoga day announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister in 2014 has gained traction around the world. With the successful completion of last year’s program based on a set of guidelines by Ministry of AYUSH, this year too a common yoga protocol 2016 has been released. Today under the supervision of my yoga master I did the recommended routine, it takes about 40-45 minutes. Last year’s program was an introduction to Yoga postures, this years’ routine tries to build on it. It covers many different facets of Yoga exercises including forward bend, backward bend, side bend, stretches, breathing and others.

You can watch the full routine in the video below, which has nice cinematography and soothing background music. Sathguru Isha has given the voice for the self affirmation aka Sankalpa in the end. They have released an accompanying booklet titled “Common Yoga Protocol-2016” as well to help practitioners.

Try it out. Have a healthy and happy living.

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