The Pandemic and the Lockdown

Because of the pandemic lockdown last year and being cooped up inside our houses for weeks, it soon became apparent to me that I need to burn my energy & sweat it out by exercising. I restarted taking my walking seriously. As a result, from April last year, I became regular and consistent (7000-9000 feet every day) in my walking on the terrace of my house.

The Problem

But, I was missing my Yoga routine (for over an hour) which earlier was happening twice or thrice every week for the last two+ decades. I decided to do something about that too. That was surprising to me. I enjoy Yoga, I really do. After every yoga session, I feel great and calmer, so I thought why was I missing it? Pre-Pandemic I used to do Yoga every other day along with my uncle – so the peer pressure was the motivation, now that was not there, I was procrastinating by giving excuses for finding an ideal time: When I was not hungry/After breakfast/Before dinner and so on.

By accident, I figured out a simple way. Now, for the last few weeks, I have been doing my (own) yoga routine every single day. How you may ask?

The Solution

I started a new Habit by using an everyday cue.

As soon as I get up from bed, I drop my yoga mat to the floor, do a few squats, then go for the hygiene business. After coming back from the bathroom, the Yoga mat is right in front of me, staring in my eyes & waiting.

I drink a glass of water. Then start with asanas that I feel like doing on that day. I will start with stretches, situps & crunches. Then do a stretch, a forward bend, a backward bend, a side bend or a Twist, an Inverted post (Sarvangasana or Sirasasan), and finally a few rounds of Anuloma Viloma pranayama (alternate nostril breathing). The routine takes about 10 minutes, and if I am in the mood a few rounds of Surya Namaskar which will take 5 minutes more.

The idea here is to keep it short (to less than 10 minutes) and get it over with, before I start feeling hungry for breakfast or remember excuses of sleeping late last night & being tired, having an early first meeting, or having a packed day today, and so on.

Hoping to continue with this habit regularly. Wish me luck.


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P.S: The above photos are representative and were taken years ago (2013, 2016).

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