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How did I get consistent with my Yoga practice?

The Pandemic and the Lockdown

Because of the pandemic lockdown last year and being cooped up inside our houses for weeks, it soon became apparent to me that I need to burn my energy & sweat it out by exercising. I restarted taking my walking seriously. As a result, from April last year, I became regular and consistent (7000-9000 feet every day) in my walking on the terrace of my house.

The Problem

But, I was missing my Yoga routine (for over an hour) which earlier was happening twice or thrice every week for the last two+ decades. I decided to do something about that too. That was surprising to me. I enjoy Yoga, I really do. After every yoga session, I feel great and calmer, so I thought why was I missing it? Pre-Pandemic I used to do Yoga every other day along with my uncle – so the peer pressure was the motivation, now that was not there, I was procrastinating by giving excuses for finding an ideal time: When I was not hungry/After breakfast/Before dinner and so on.

By accident, I figured out a simple way. Now, for the last few weeks, I have been doing my (own) yoga routine every single day. How you may ask?

The Solution

I started a new Habit by using an everyday cue.

As soon as I get up from bed, I drop my yoga mat to the floor, do a few squats, then go for the hygiene business. After coming back from the bathroom, the Yoga mat is right in front of me, staring in my eyes & waiting.

I drink a glass of water. Then start with asanas that I feel like doing on that day. I will start with stretches, situps & crunches. Then do a stretch, a forward bend, a backward bend, a side bend or a Twist, an Inverted post (Sarvangasana or Sirasasan), and finally a few rounds of Anuloma Viloma pranayama (alternate nostril breathing). The routine takes about 10 minutes, and if I am in the mood a few rounds of Surya Namaskar which will take 5 minutes more.

The idea here is to keep it short (to less than 10 minutes) and get it over with, before I start feeling hungry for breakfast or remember excuses of sleeping late last night & being tired, having an early first meeting, or having a packed day today, and so on.

Hoping to continue with this habit regularly. Wish me luck.


  1. Post on The Crow Pose – Kakasana, The Wheel Pose – Chakrasana & the king of Asanas – Sirsasana.
  2. Celebrating International Yoga Day 2016 – VṚKŚĀSANA (The Tree Posture), TRIKOṆĀSANA (The Triangle Posture), Uṣtrāsana (Camel Pose), Uttan mandukasana (Stretched Frog Posture) & Supta Vajrasana (Reclined Thunderbolt Pose).
  3. International day of yoga 2015 – Taadaasana, Vrikshaasana, Shalabhaasana & Makaraasana.

P.S: The above photos are representative and were taken years ago (2013, 2016).


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