Engineers and Documentation – Random thought

Today I had this thought and I am penning it down immediately here. Later, I will try and expand on this. Thanks. Fact:  #Engineers don’t like to write #documentation. Probable reasons: No one reads them or gives a ‘like’ for a good one. Only the code matters (it runs) & brings $$$. Today, source #code have become self-explanatory (?). Possible Solution: #ArtificalIntelligence to analyse & generate tutorial videos :-)

Are we dumb (or) passwords are dumb?

iPad Pro 2018 - Forgot Passcode

Am I dumb (or) is the process we are using to secure our devices is dumb – you be the judge! I am in the process of (regretfully) resetting my iPad Pro 2018 11″ to factory settings, as I couldn’t remember the passcode. As per Apple, if you forget the passcode for an iOS device like an iPad, the only way to use it again will be to reset it to factory settings, this will erase all the contents in the device. Normally, I have a mature process to handle…