G R Adhithya, the Director of Savarakathi (2018), returns with Devil (2024), setting the bar high with expectations. Starring Vidharth and Shamna Kasim (popularly known as Poona), alongside Thrigun, the film’s title might mislead you into thinking it’s a horror saga, but it’s not. Instead, the Devil delves into the oft-treaded path of infidelity, marking its first stumble. According to Mangoidiots, the film barely scrapes by with a Rotten rating.

The initial thirty minutes are a cinematic treat, boasting impressive editing and sharpness that’s bound to capture your attention, further enhanced by the captivating music from Director Mysskin. However, the allure fades quickly. Devil struggles to find its genre footing—it flirts with horror elements without fully embracing them, teases a romantic storyline without the emotional depth, and dabbles in marital dynamics without committing to the exploration. The climax feels rushed and out of place, contributing to the film’s overall disjointed narrative.

In essence, Devil’s inability to pick a lane and stick to it results in a confusing and unsatisfying viewing experience, failing to live up to the expectations set by Adhithya‘s previous work.

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