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    Dentist Appointments

    For the last 3 weeks, every Wednesday I had to go through this ordeal of a Dentist Appointment. Thank God, with yesterday I am done. I don’t know what it is with Dentist (like any other Doctor they are also in a Noble profession), but majority of the people – Kids and Grown-ups dislike going to a Dentist. In the 3 hours of time that I was staring at the roof with my mouth wide open while the doctor filled my cavities I came up with this thought-provoking list of why we might be disliking Dentists (List is in no particular order): The pain while surgeon is operating, especially the drilling The thought of keep your…

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    Email Forwards

    To say it politely I am not for forwarding an email beyond the first level – there are few exceptions that warrant few levels of forward. Recently I got an email forwarded from a company, in that in between in one of the forwards it had unpleasant words. The person who sent me the mail should’ve deleted the thread and just sent the final items he had to say to me. Instead he forwarded without going through carefully, I objected to derogative words used which hurt me. He came back and apologized. This could’ve become a big issue when it is between companies and can lead to law suits. I…

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    Who does the IP belong to?

    Sometimes you want to identify a SPAM message source or just to find out who left that blog comment you might want to know to whom the IP block has been assigned. Though it is difficult to pinpoint it to an individual organization (especially SMEs who will have only few IP numbers or Dial-up/Home users where the IPs will be in their ISP’s names) there is a service that can give you some information. You can American Registry for Internet Numbers Whois Service or Asia-Pacific NIC’s Whois Service. Use one of the services and input the IP address for which you are interested to find the block owner.

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    Windows Live Mail and Yahoo! Accounts

    My official email is configured with Office Outlook for last 6 years+. My personal, blog and newsletters are with Hotmail. And I have been a paid Hotmail user for years, so I read my Hotmail through Outlook Express ON & OFF. When about a year back Microsoft came out with Windows Live Mail Desktop (now desktop is dropped and for short WLM) I switched to that. With Hotmail, WLM works great – it syncs up all folders in Hotmail including Inbox, Sent Items, junk e-mail, Deleted Items, Drafts & custom folders. I like a lot the new Yahoo! Web 2.0 Mail interface. This email ID is being used by me…

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    Don’t leave your search trails

    In the fierce war on Search Engines this can be a new page – for all of you out there who are wondering what war, hasn’t it been won by google I do believe it is not. Anyways, as the book “The Search” talks about how much can be known about you by Search Engine companies with your search behaviour/data. Accussing Google is doing this today and tracking everyone is rubbish, as it will take enormous processing power and no one has yet figured out a way to monetize that information for profit. But in the future this will become a possibility when computing power and data mining software become more…