To say it politely I am not for forwarding an email beyond the first level – there are few exceptions that warrant few levels of forward. Recently I got an email forwarded from a company, in that in between in one of the forwards it had unpleasant words. The person who sent me the mail should’ve deleted the thread and just sent the final items he had to say to me. Instead he forwarded without going through carefully, I objected to derogative words used which hurt me. He came back and apologized. This could’ve become a big issue when it is between companies and can lead to law suits.

I started to do this post to leave you with the screenshot below showing an email I received from one of my friends – which was forwarded to 12 levels. If I was interested in harvesting email IDs – I could’ve easily got about 200+ IDs from this single email!

12 times forwarded email on an useless topic

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