For the last 3 weeks, every Wednesday I had to go through this ordeal of a Dentist Appointment. Thank God, with yesterday I am done. I don’t know what it is with Dentist (like any other Doctor they are also in a Noble profession), but majority of the people – Kids and Grown-ups dislike going to a Dentist. In the 3 hours of time that I was staring at the roof with my mouth wide open while the doctor filled my cavities I came up with this thought-provoking list of why we might be disliking Dentists (List is in no particular order):

  • The pain while surgeon is operating, especially the drilling
  • The thought of keep your mouth opened for long period
  • The discomfort of so many instruments inside your mouth
  • The fear that the dentist will pull off your teeth
  • The idea that you will be told not to eat sweets/ice cream hence forth
  • You are awake and the fact you have lost control over your body
  • You can’t cry or shout for help

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