If you are a married man you can’t afford to forget your marriage anniversary & your wife’s birthday. To prove that you remembered you need to have planned for it and present a good gift on the day. I honestly do believe that for the wife the gift as material/money doesn’t matter, but the thought is what counts for them (I have to say this as my wife reads my blog once in a while and you know…).

After a few misses in the previous years, this time I went shopping a few days in advance, bought the gift and hide it from her. On her Birthday I presented her with a Nokia N76 multimedia phone.

Now coming to the geeky stuff about the phone:

I know Nokia is known only for their candy-bar phones and only Motorola makes popular clamshell models. Reasons I went with N76 are two: 1) She earlier had a Nokia 6101, which she likes a lot and that is a clamshell model, 2) The choice was simple to make – Nokia has few models in clamshell and only one in N Series, I had already decided it will N Series because of the multimedia features which she likes to have.

The phone is great when it comes to its technical specifications and has everything that you may want in a phone (even GPS can be enabled with a small add-on). I prefer Nokia had designed the phone a little smaller, lighter and ergonomic to open and close. The cool features are the Music Play buttons on top, Sideways camera usage, Dual colour screens, fast browsing, and Flickr software to upload photos directly.

My only serious complaint is the choice of the power connector and for four reasons:

1) With Nokia phones I like that they all have a standard 3.5mm Power connector. You can go anywhere in India and be certain the person(s) next to you will have a Nokia charger. In N76, they have their alternate smaller Power Connector.

Nokia N76 - 3.5mm Audio jack

Nokia N76 – 3.5mm Audio jack

2) This one I consider to be a serious user interface disaster Nokia designers have committed. Can you believe this? In N76 apart from the smaller Power Connector, they do have a 3.5mm connector and that one is for AV (HeadPhones & Video). The manual warns you not to connect power to this AV Connector. Come on, who are you kidding here? I see a Nokia phone and it has a 3.5mm connector on top next to the Power ON/OFF button I will certainly connect the standard Nokia charger.

3) The actual (smaller) power connector is on the side of the phone. I don’t understand how it can be convenient to keep it there for users.

Nokia N76 - Thinner Power connector in the side

Nokia N76 – Thinner Power connector in the side

4) The phone has a USB connector on top, so why will anyone on earth will want a separate power connector apart from the USB one which can easily double-up I don’t understand.

So my final verdict, if you love Multimedia phones and are a die-hard fan of clam-shell models go for the phone. If not, please choose any of the other N Series phones.

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