• The Trader (2018)
    Movie Review

    The Trader (2018)

    The Trader (2018) is a documentary film from Netflix that follows a travelling trader in the Republic of Georgia (near Russia). He buys second-hand items from the city (Tbilisi) and goes to the…

  • Lucy (2014)
    Movie Review

    Lucy (2014)

    Lucy (2014) was a french sci-fi that was a thrilling watch.  Director Luc Besson has presented skillfully a superhero story as a sci-fi by interspersing brain science throughout, and, we are able to…

  • Jexi (2019)
    Movie Review

    Jexi (2019)

    Jexi (2019) is a typical romcom of a shy guy falling in love with a go-getter girl, but with the added twist of his phone addiction. Yes, it was a stupid film but…

  • Mindo Taseeldarni (2019) - Punjabi
    Movie Review

    Mindo Taseeldarni (2019)

    Low-budget & light, yet lively and humorous with no artificial flavours! I stumbled on the Punjabi romcom titled Mindo Taseeldarni (2019). Curious, I started playing-the first thirty minutes went very slow as the…