There are films, which make you wonder after a few minutes of watching why you started with it? The Unicorn (2018) is one such romcom and I don’t mean it in a bad way. Though the movie had little to differentiate, it keeps you from reaching to the remote because of good acting by the lead couple –  Lauren Lapkus & Nicholas Rutherford. They have managed to take a dull screenplay and make something good out of it.

The story is about a couple, Malory and Caleb, who have been engaged for five years. Fearing for the commitment they are unable to agree on a wedding date, though deep down they are in love with each other, the sparks have long gone. Every couple around them including Malory’s parents and her sisters are having an active and dazzling relationship. To spice things, Malory and Caleb decide to invite a third lover to their bedroom and the way they go about it forms the second half of the screenplay. The film ends with Malory and Caleb seeing beyond people’s facade and the real truth which reinvents their own relationship.

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