If you want to understand the tech giants and the startup ecosystem in the valley of this decade, then don’t miss this TV Series. Future historians will refer to this show to understand the Silicon valley microcosm.


Though the last episode of this famous TV series aired on 8th December, I watched it only today. I didn’t wish to say goodbye to Pied Piper, its CEO Richard Hendricks, Gilfoyle, Dinesh, Jared and rest of the misfits running Silicon Valley companies.

The HBO series started in 2014 with a young coding wizard ‘Richard’ presenting at TechCrunch Disrupt with his super cool compression technology. He and his team come on the limelight, but starting a company, getting funded, keeping your employees and investors happy while fending of competition was a complete roller-coaster. Luck was never with these guys, many a times success slips away from them at the last step, yet they keep going – pivot after pivot – investor after investor.

The climax made me sad, probably I need a retreat to “Tibet” to heal myself – Erlich Bachman, are you still there, can I join you?

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