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    The G Word with Adam Conover was largely fun to watch

    Many of us living in democracies are getting tired of our governments tackling the pressing issues of our times, like climate change, rising inequality, banking bailouts, slow pandemic response and so on. We are wondering what are the various government departments really doing? Are they just a drain on our hard-earned money paid as taxes?. Unfortunately, we the public have little understanding of the functioning of our government bodies, like the role of the regulators for food, health, medicines, banks, stock market & others. Why do they exist? Normally, we find these to be boring and we are interested to discuss elections and elected representatives, who keep us occupied by…

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    Our Great National Parks (2022)

    Our Great National Parks, a nature documentary blew my mind with its stunning 4K visuals, coverage of extremely hard-to-reach wildlife forests on land & water, and a well-written commentary.  Complimenting these was the majestic voice of the former American President, Barack Obama. If you have a Netflix subscription and even a faint amount of curiosity about our natural world, then don’t miss this series. Without any hesitation, this one gets a Ripe from Mangoidiots. The five-part miniseries travels to the most exquisite National Parts around the world: Africa’s beaches, Japan’s islands, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Chilean Patagonia, Kenya’s Tsavo Conservation Area, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the Gunung Leuser…

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    Bridgerton Season 2

    இதயம் (1991) முரளிக்கூட (ராஜா கதாபாத்திரம்) இரண்டு மணி நேரத்தில் தனது காதலை ஹீராவிடம் (கீதா கதாபாத்திரம்) சொல்லிவிடுவார். ஆனால் நெட்பிலிக்ஸ் ப்ரிட்ஜர்டன் இரண்டாம் சீசனில், இந்திய பெண் ‘கேட்’டும், வைகண்ட் ‘ஆண்டனி’ ப்ரிட்ஜர்டனைடும் அவர்களின் காதலை ஒப்புக்கொள்ள, அவர்களுக்கு எட்டு எபிசோடும், பன்னிரெண்டு மணி நேரத்துக்கு மேல் ஆகிறது. இவர்களின் இந்தக் குழப்பத்தால் ராணி சரலோட்டின் திட்டங்கள் பாதிக்கப்படுகிறது, பாவம் அவர்களும் எவ்வளவு நேரம் தான் வலிக்காத மாதிரி இருப்பார்கள்! கேட் சர்மாவாக சிமோன் ஆஷ்லேவும், வைகண்ட் ‘ஆண்டனி’ ப்ரிட்ஜர்டனாக ஜோனாதன் பைலேவும் அவர்களின் கதாபாத்திரங்களாகவே வாழ்ந்திருக்கிறார்கள் . பல முறை உதடும் உதடும் உரசும் அளவுக்கிட்டே வந்தாலும், விலகிப் போய் நம்மைக் கடுப்பேற்றுவார்கள். ஒரு கட்டத்தில் நாமே எழுந்து உள்ளே போய், போதும்டா சாமி, முத்தம் கொடுத்து, காதலை சொல்லித் தொலைக்கவும் என்று கெஞ்சத் தோன்றிவிடுகிறது.

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    Man vs. Bee (TV series)

    We have seen TV series that is about love, friends, colleagues, family, community, mystery, theft, greed, and even games. But, only Rowan Atkinson CBE can produce one about a bee and him, nothing more.  Man vs. Bee (2022) was utterly unbelievable and stupid, yet wholly funny. In the two hours run, the miniseries make you forget your worries and laugh in many places. Thanks to Mr Atkinson for that and the show gets a Raw rating from Mangoidiots. Kids will adore the show, the cute dog Cupcake is sure to become their favourite. To make his daughter proud a jobless man takes up the work as a house sitter to…

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    God’s Favorite Idiot (TV Series)

    God’s Favorite Idiot, is a new comedy series on Netflix. I got attracted by the title and I like Melissa McCarthy, so I started to watch. Sadly, after two episodes I got super bored and disappointed. A friend recommended I continue and I did. The middle episodes got better, but quickly the episodes that followed went downhill again. The story is about an average Joe named Clark (Ben Falcone) getting selected by God, he starts to glow and God asks Clark to convey ‘her’ message to the world. Clark needs to do this while remaining unharmed by the evil Satan who is trying to kill him. Amily (Melissa) and three…

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    Lost in Space (TV series)

    Lost in Space (2018-2021) is a science fiction, remake of a series of the same name from the 1960s. The story was about the Robinson family, who are part of a group of colonists (the 24th group) who are on their way to the Alpha Centauri star system to settle down. After a sudden alien robot attacks their spacecraft (Resolute), their escape spaceship (Jupiter) crashes and lands on an unknown planet and things fall apart quickly. The Robinson couple has two daughters and a son who are all interested in science and space exploration. The youngest, Will Robinson, encounters an alien robot and the two become friends. The robot keeps…

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    Bridgerton (TV series)

    Bridgerton (2020-) is a historic fiction that happens during the regency era (early 19th century) of Great Britain. Recently season two of the show got released, so I was curious and watched the first season, I was impressed. The show transports us to a long bygone era with its warm romance, the unashamed display of wealth & power, and pleasing visuals, providing good entertainment to those who like period dramas. Available on Netflix it was one of the most-watched shows and gets a mangoidiots rating of Ripe. Bridgerton’s are a noble & rich family of eight siblings living in London, the two main characters in Season 1 were the eldest…

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    The Pentaverate (TV Series)

    The Pentaverate (2022-) is a dark comedy starring Mike Myers, that is available on Netflix. It covers a fictitious secret organization, headed by five men who are all nice, reminding the rumoured Illuminati. A good fellow, a TV news reporter from Canada named Ken Scarborough infiltrates the organization in an attempt to expose them to the world. Did he succeed is the story that has been told over six episodes. The show gets a Raw rating from MangoIdiots. Mike Myers has played the title role and seven other characters. Good acting by Lydia West as Reilly Clayton, the assistant to Ken. The show features swear words, blood and gory scenes…