Apple, please treat users as grown-ups!

Venkatarangan with his new iPad Pro 11 at Apple Store, Orchid Road, Singapore

I have an #iPhone and #iPadPro, I like their reliability. But it is infuriating how Apple dumbs down & eliminates features in the name of simplicity. Case in Point: To find a text within a #webpage in #Safari, is easy to do (CTRL-F or Menu) on a PC or Mac. In iOS or iPadOS you need to do a summersault! (Actual instructions are here) On which universe, finding a text is sharing?

Electronic waste and recycle by providers

Earlier I had three TVs in my house connected to Tata Sky DTH, now only one, so I have an HD set-top unused for years, a recorder HD box that is making noise, and one unused dish antenna – when I requested Tata Sky service to take them back, they flatly refused. I told them I was not looking for a buyback or cash, in fact, I volunteered to pay them for it. I feel guilty about throwing a perfectly working box(es) in the garbage and add to electronic waste…

Today’s special – Annoyances with apps

Today’s post is about two annoyances I have experienced with apps: #WhatsApp and #MicrosoftEdge. Forward in WhatsApp: WhatsApp drives me nuts. Whenever I forward a picture message with a text, it leaves the text out. I have to use the share sheet (in a circular way) to share to WhatsApp again. Why can’t I select multiple photos & videos, to share them to Google Photos or Drobox for safe keeping? URL copy ‘n’ paste with Microsoft Edge: Last few days Microsoft Edge browser was driving me crazy. Every time I copy…

Activating correctly the Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student edition

I am annoyed when companies literally design products to get the paying customer into doing things that are good for the manufacturer’s top-line and expensive for the customer. There is nothing wrong in upselling, but they need to be transparent on what is already provided and what’s the upgrade for. Unfortunately, this stealth mode operations are a common theme in the world of Windows PCs and Android Smartphones for decades. The excuse they provide is that there are wafer-thin margins in the business, unlike Apple, who operate on the higher-end…

In India horn sound chases you everywhere

Toy Train at the Phoenix Mall, Velachery

In India, horn sound chases you everywhere, even in the malls. You don’t get respite from it. I find it crazy that mall owners in Chennai like those of Phoenix Mall, Velachery and Forum Vijaya Mall, Vadapalani do this – run toy trains on the corridors, leaving no space for shoppers to walk. P.S.: I created this amateur video for fun in a few minutes with the “Video Editor / Photos” that comes OOB with #Windows10.