• Lounge

    Did I win Rupees One Lakh?

    I received an envelope by post today and it offered a Rupees One Lakh cash certificate for a lucky draw I never participated. At first glance itself it was clear this offer was a hoax. The give-aways were: The spelling of URGENT & no “From Address” in the envelope, The Kolkata address, but you are based in Delhi, The eagerness in the “Terms and Conditions” for getting your Bank, PAN & Aadhaar details. Snapdeal has confirmed this to be not from them. For wider awareness, I am sharing this here.

  • Customer Support Call Centre

    Strange are the ways customer support works

    This is now an SoP (Standard Operating Procedure) of support teams. They don’t reply by email, instead, call you once, you will miss because you have a life & busy, immediately they close the ticket. They don’t retry calling. The intention is not to help the customer, only to close the ticket at the earliest.   And why can’t their own Mobile Apps be used for this? You get notifications all the time for all marketing messages from them, but not for customer support ticket that you really want to know about. Strange are the ways of corporate companies. #PoorService #CustomerSupport

  • Phishing Message

    Phishing messages can make you feel good!

    If only this was real, my world will be so much better. A “Bank” addressing me with love as “Dear”! Making me the owner of a card I don’t even have! I am worth for not more than 1 credit report, but giving me 780 credit reports, wow! At this rate, I am just a few steps away from being the Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) of The Wolf of Wall Street (2013). Jokes aside, please treat these messages with great care, block the sender and delete the message immediately. Don’t give in to the temptation to click on the link! To prevent these SPAM messages, the regulator (TRAI) tried a…