Today’s post is about two annoyances I have experienced with apps: #WhatsApp and #MicrosoftEdge.

Forward in WhatsApp:

WhatsApp drives me nuts. Whenever I forward a picture message with a text, it leaves the text out. I have to use the share sheet (in a circular way) to share to WhatsApp again. Why can’t I select multiple photos & videos, to share them to Google Photos or Drobox for safe keeping?

Annoyance with WhatsApp forwarding behaviour

Annoyance with WhatsApp forwarding behaviour

URL copy ‘n’ paste with Microsoft Edge:

Last few days Microsoft Edge browser was driving me crazy. Every time I copy a URL from the browser address bar and then paste it in Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn text boxes, I was NOT seeing the actual http:// URL, instead it was showing a friendly title embedded with the URL. Initially I was not sure what was causing this, after I figured out only EDGE was doing it, I thought it was sharing only the title and leaving out the URL for some security reasons, then I figured it all out.

On way to get over to pasting plain text URL, is to use CTRL+SHIFT+V, instead of CTRL+V, after you have copied it by using CTRL+C.

To turn this behaviour OFF permanently, you can go to Edge Settings, search for URL, then go to “URL copy and paste format default”, then change it to Plain Text. For the wellness of (wo)mankind I have shown the steps to do this in the below image:

Microsoft, please don’t fix something that is not broken!

How to turn OFF the Smart Copy 'n' Paste with Microsoft Edge (Nov 2020)

How to turn OFF the Smart Copy ‘n’ Paste with Microsoft Edge (November 2020)

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