📧Companies that send their customers’ marketing emails and WhatsApp messages with no unsubscribe option are Bad. 🙈Those that include unsubscribe links that don’t work are Evil. 😈Those who provide a page that works but prompts for your email id or mobile are Wicked. I am not talking about random messages or spam. Many a time, companies with whom we have a relationship or have done a transaction are the culprits, they automatically opt you in and keep sending unsolicited messages.

And in general, when it comes to spam, SMS messages are the worst, receivers get zero control over them, and there are no ways to block or report or mute these. TELCO’s complaint cells are ineffective for handling SMS spam and it is practically impossible to block the numerous spam numbers individually, solutions like Microsoft SMS Organizer and Truecaller try to bring some sanity but it is a chaotic situation.  WhatsApp is slightly better, provides a basic set of knobs that can be used to tame the onslaught a little.  Email client apps provide greater control with their ML-based sorting & grouping.

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