• The Captain (2019): 中国机长
    Movie Review

    The Captain (2019)

    The Captain (2019): 中国机长 is a Chinese film produced by Alibaba Pictures-it is based on a real incident of an aircraft and its crew surviving a windshield disaster in 2018, midair near the…

  • American Factory (美国工厂; 美國工廠) 2019
    Movie Review

    American Factory (2019)

    American Factory (2019) is an engaging documentary from Netflix, that is not to be missed. It highlights the biggest problem facing Americans in recent years. Do American really want the “tough” manufacturing jobs…

  • "The Chinese Captain 中国机长 & 飞行员 电影"
    Movie Review

    The Chinese Captain (2019)

    I was looking to watch The Captain (2019) which was about a miraculous escape of a commercial flight, instead I ended up watching this film – “The Chinese Captain” (中国机长 & 飞行员 电影),…