• The Farewell (2019 film)
    Movie Review

    The Farewell (2019)

    Movies like “The Farewell (2019)” are the reasons I love watching films from around the world.  The film is about a loving Chinese family trying to hide from their matriarch, her late-stage cancer by organising a grand wedding in the family to keep her spirits high. Nai Nai (generic term to mean  ‘paternal grandmother’ in Chinese) is an old lady living in Changchun, China. After her husband’s death many years ago, though there are people around her, like a caring sister living nearby, a roommate and a maid, she misses having her two sons and their kids. She loves them a lot, but they are living far away in Japan…

  • The Captain (2019): 中国机长
    Movie Review

    The Captain (2019)

    The Captain (2019): 中国机长 is a Chinese film produced by Alibaba Pictures-it is based on a real incident of an aircraft and its crew surviving a windshield disaster in 2018, midair near the Tibetan region. The film was about human endurance, how much can an experienced pilot and a qualified crew can achieve in the hour of crisis. The screenplay was not a nail-biter, yet it was thrilling to watch. Seeing the film I am impressed with how modern the aviation infrastructures are in China: the airport in a non-capital city like Chongqing looks sophisticated and really huge, also was the Air traffic control stations that were shown. On 14th…

  • American Factory (美国工厂; 美國工廠) 2019
    Movie Review

    American Factory (2019)

    American Factory (2019) is an engaging documentary from Netflix, that is not to be missed. It highlights the biggest problem facing Americans in recent years. Do American really want the “tough” manufacturing jobs back in the USA? Are they ready to accept Chinese money and invite Chinese people into their workplace? Is there any hope for the American working class? The film by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert follows the opening of a Chinese company-Fuyao’s factory in Dayton, Ohio in the site of a closed GM facility. As the film starts, we get transported inside the factory and the community, and the storytelling is natural, and personal. We can really…

  • "The Chinese Captain 中国机长 & 飞行员 电影"
    Movie Review

    The Chinese Captain (2019)

    I was looking to watch The Captain (2019) which was about a miraculous escape of a commercial flight, instead I ended up watching this film – “The Chinese Captain” (中国机长 & 飞行员 电影), which is available for free in YouTube. This may be a web movie, but with one million+ views and a decent production quality, the film was entertaining. Mei Xi is an aspiring trainee pilot working with Air Fly in China. Though he is talented and hard-working, due to his stodgy appearance he is having a tough time at work and to get noticed by the girl he likes. One day at a park, a masked man gives…

  • Chennai,  Lounge

    With the Chinese President and PM on town, how did I commute?

    Chennai is under heavy security (as it should be) cover for the visit by the Hon’ble Chinese President and Hon’ble PM of India. I had a meeting in the afternoon at the Secretariat, George Fort and then a #TiECon Chennai dinner at ITC Grand Chola, the same hotel where the Chinese President is staying. To avoid traffic blockades I travelled by local commuter (Electric) train service from Mambalam to Fort for Rs.5 (US 7 cents), then an auto ride to the secretariat for Rs.50 (US 70 cents). After the meeting a friend dropped me at LIC Metro station, from there a short metro ride to Little Mount metro, 700 metres walk…

  • In the Name of the People (Chinese: 人民的名义)
    TV Show Review

    In the Name of the People (2017)

    “It has been found by the anti-corruption wing of China, that a communist party official in the province of Hainan Mr Zhang Qi, has 13.5 tonnes of gold (worth up to £520million) and £30BILLION in his bank account – all suspected to bribe money. This is likely to make him the richest man in China, richer than the Alibaba’s founder Mr Jack Ma”, reports The DailyMail. Reading this unfathomable news, I was reminded of a Chinese TV Series that came a few years ago. In the Name of the People, was about an anti-corruption prosecutor’s efforts to unearth corruption in a present-day fictional Chinese city. I watched half-way through the…

  • The Wandering Earth
    Movie Review

    The wandering earth (2019)

    Almost all of the science fiction I have come across was created by American or European writers, so I was curious when I heard about the Chinese Sci-Fi – “The Three-Body  Problem” by Liu Cixin. The Wandering Earth  (2019) is a Chinese science fiction film adaptation of his novella of the same, directed by Frant Gwo.  The story is what follows after the sun begins to die and starts to engulf all the planets in the solar system. To survive humans plan to move the Earth out of the Solar System to the Alpha Centauri system, using giant thrusters all around the earth, turning our planet itself to be a gargantuan rocketship with over 3.5…

  • Movie Review

    Dying to Survive (2018)

    Dying to Survive (2018) was the most popular Chinese movie of this year, it was even quoted by Chinese Premier in one of his talks leading to some actions on the ground. It handles the sensitive and emotional issue of medicines not covered by Chinese Public healthcare being priced exorbitantly and outside the reach of many dying patients who need it to stay alive. Cheng Yong (Xu Zheng) is running unsuccessfully a shop selling “love” perfumes imported from India. One day, he is persuaded by a patient suffering a form of leukaemia to get into importing illegally a patented drug’s generic variant from India. Cheng sells it at 5% of what…