• In the Name of the People (Chinese: 人民的名义)
    TV Show Review

    In the Name of the People (2017)

    //It has been found by the anti-corruption wing of China, that a communist party official in the province of Hainan Mr Zhang Qi, has 13.5 tonnes of gold (worth up to £520million) and £30BILLION in his bank account – all suspected to bribe money. This is likely to make him the richest man in China, richer than the Alibaba’s founder Mr Jack Ma // reports The DailyMail. Reading this unfathomable news, I was reminded of a Chinese TV Series that came a few years ago. In the Name of the People, was about an anti-corruption prosecutor’s efforts to unearth corruption in a present-day fictional Chinese city. I watched half-way through…

  • The Wandering Earth
    Movie Review

    The wandering earth (2019)

    Almost all of the science fiction I have come across were created by American or European writers, so I was curious when I heard about the Chinese Sci-Fi – “The Three-Body  Problem” by Liu Cixin. The Wandering Earth  (2019) is a Chinese science fiction film adaptation of his novella of the same, directed by Frant Gwo.  The story is what follows after the sun begins to die and starts to engulf all the planets in the solar system. To survive humans plan to move the Earth out of the Solar System to the Alpha Centauri system, using giant thrusters all around the earth, turning our planet itself to be a gargantuan rocketship with over 3.5…

  • Movie Review

    Dying to Survive (2018)

    Dying to Survive (2018) was the most popular Chinese movie of this year, it was even quoted by Chinese Premier in one of his talks leading to some actions on the ground. It handles the sensitive and emotional issue of medicines not covered by Chinese Public healthcare being priced exorbitantly and outside the reach of many dying patients who need it to stay alive. Cheng Yong (Xu Zheng) is running unsuccessfully a shop selling “love” perfumes imported from India. One day, he is persuaded by a patient suffering a form of leukaemia to get into importing illegally a patented drug’s generic variant from India. Cheng sells it at 5% of what…

  • Movie Review

    29+1 (2017)

    29 + 1 (2017) is a Chinese film from Hong Kong about the life of Christy Lam, a 29-year-old working woman who is about to turn 30. Directed by Kearen Pang, it is an adaptation of Pang’s own one-woman show of the same name. Christy is a successful manager at a reputed marketing firm and is dedicated to the job that she gets the coveted promotion. She has a steady boyfriend for last 7 years but is not ready for moving with him or to get married. She considers her life to be good and values her independence. Suddenly everything starts falling apart – starting with her apartment owner asking her to…

  • Movie Review

    City Monkey (2010)

    I saw this film “City Monkey” (2010) screened at Russian Centre of Science & Culture, Chennai as part of the Chinese film festival organized by ICAF. The movie takes its name due to the fact the kids in the movie jump from walls to walls (Parkour) like a monkey and the kids all live in the city (Beijing). The film is about the struggles of a working single mother with raising a school leaving son, and an elderly mother.  The movie is about the tensions between the son who loves Parkour (I didn’t know such a word and a sport existed before this) and a mother who wishes him to…