“It has been found by the anti-corruption wing of China, that a communist party official in the province of Hainan Mr Zhang Qi, has 13.5 tonnes of gold (worth up to £520million) and £30BILLION in his bank account – all suspected to bribe money. This is likely to make him the richest man in China, richer than the Alibaba’s founder Mr Jack Ma”, reports The DailyMail.

Reading this unfathomable news, I was reminded of a Chinese TV Series that came a few years ago. In the Name of the People, was about an anti-corruption prosecutor’s efforts to unearth corruption in a present-day fictional Chinese city. I watched half-way through the series, which was well made and gave a glimpse to present-day China and the power (and importance) of the Communist Party. Unfortunately, the English sub-titled episodes which were freely available on YouTube were suddenly removed and I couldn’t find the series anywhere else on the Internet, either on subscription services or free.

In Episode 1, you will see the Deputy Mayor of the city who is about to be investigated escapes to the USA with a fake passport – he misleads the police by sending his car with his driver to his mother’s house in the hillside with his cellphone hidden in the backseat.

In Episode 2 of the series, the hero (the anti-corruption police) raids the guest house of a communist party officer who is in charge of mining approvals  in the province (the Chinese Government is subservient to the communist party in China), the party officer gives a long lecture on his struggles in life and the decades of hardwork he has put in towards upholding party’s principles and for upliftment of the poor  – as you feel convinced the sincerity of the office, the police will suddenly find troves of currency notes stashed everywhere, inside the fridge, in all the kitchen storages, inside the mattress, behind all the walls and so on.

Later episodes were about a local factory being shut down due to corrupt officials giving permission to another well-connected firm.

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