Schitt’s Creek is an absolute gem of a TV series, one that I highly recommend. Spanning six seasons with 80 episodes, this show, which aired from 2015 to 2020 and is now available on Netflix, stands as a testament to excellent comedy. Admittedly, I initially overlooked it until my son suggested giving it a try. After a few episodes, I was hooked. The concept of a wealthy family suddenly losing everything and finding themselves in the quaint rural town of Schitt’s Creek intrigued me. It takes a few episodes to get into the rhythm of the show, but once you do, it’s thoroughly engaging.

The central focus is the Rose family – Johnny, a former business tycoon, Moira, his wife and a once-popular TV actress from a lesser-known show, their daughter Alexis, who struggles to find her footing in life, and their son David, who grapples with emotional challenges. The town’s unique characters, including the quirky Mayor, his wife, Stevie the motel clerk, and other townspeople, each add their distinctive flair to the story. These characters are memorable, each bringing their unique persona to life in an unforgettable way. The Rose family, in particular, isn’t flawless, yet their positive outlook and ability to adapt without dwelling on the past or assigning blame make them endearing and keep the narrative engaging.

Watching the entire series, I felt as if I were a part of this small North American town, staying at the Rosebud Motel, dining at the local café, shopping at the Rose Apothecary, and attending events at the town hall. Such was the immersive experience of Schitt’s Creek.

The Rosebud Motel

The Rosebud Motel

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