The White Lotus, Season 1 is an acclaimed black comedy that follows three sets of guests staying for a week in a luxury resort in Hawaii, which is managed by a dysfunctional resort manager. The show explores the complex human emotions of a modern family, a newlywed couple, and a lady who dithers on her life choices. The resort is beautiful and gets captured by the camera well, but the story moves through the dialogues which reflect the modern society we live in.

The show covers various themes such as the suspected cancer of the father, white guilt of the family, sadness and anger of the natives over their ancient lands, trauma of having parents who terrorised you, competitiveness between friends, and challenges of being a teenager in a digital world. The show covers them equally.

The details of the show’s portrayal of the rich are fascinating. For example, there is an obsession of a rich man over a particular suite room he was not given, his mother repeatedly telling her daughter-in-law how beautiful she is and that the last few weeks were blurred due to the wedding planning, or the $75,000 gift to his wife by husband after cheating on her.

Overall, at its core The White Lotus is heavy stuff and go for it only if you like the genre.

Footnote: In India, it is currently streaming in Jio Cinema.

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