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    iPhone faceid finally works with a face mask

    Finally, it is here! Apple fixes iPhone’s faceid to work on faces with #mask. During the pandemic it was a pain to type a PIN everytime to unlock the phone while you were out and wearing a facemask. The new fix with iOS 15.4 doesn’t require an Apple Watch, owning one was a requirement in earlier versions. In the pictures here, notice my mask and the unlock icon (highlighted), taken with #iPhone12 Pro.

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    Sophisticated Cyberattacks – NotPetya and Solorigate

    The biggest story in the world of digital security this year (2020) has been the one that broke a few weeks ago. It was the Solorigate aka Solarwinds cyberattack that affected hundreds of corporations and the highest corridors of US Government. Over 18,000 locations and several thousand endpoints have been affected by this sophisticated attack, which was presumably by a state-sponsored hacker. The attackers have infiltrated, maybe through espionage, the source code repository of a popular IT management suite called Orion from SolarWinds. After infiltrating the bad guys were able to sneak in a lightweight trojan code that would get triggered often to escalate privilege and plant additional malware in…

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    Holidays and backup

    I used to be an obsessive ‘backup’ person. Decades ago, when I started coding in GW Basic and then Clipper, I always had backups in multiple floppies, and programs that I considered my masterpieces I even took printouts. With my laptops I even had disk images done with ghosting software. In the last few years, after cloud storages like DropBox and OneDrive came up, I have almost forgotten about manual backup and take it for granted. Still, every year, in the holiday season I try to take an offline backup of all my data to external hard drives. Somehow, it feels satisfactory to do this – therapeutic – calming your…

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    Impunity of online data breaches

    This is a follow-up to my earlier post “Be aware of online data breaches” written on 5th June 2019. Five years ago, in 2014 when two major cybercrimes happened, the stealing of 100 million credit card data at Target and about 100 terabytes of data of unreleased movies & more from Sony getting leaked, it shook the world and got everyone’s attention towards online data breaches. It felt like the awareness of being secure online was growing at every level of organizations, in the corner offices. Then in 2018, Facebook-Cambridge Analytica became known, a loud outcry followed and then total silence – everyone involved has been left off with a…

  • iPad Pro 2018 - Forgot Passcode
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    Are we dumb (or) passwords are dumb?

    Am I dumb (or) is the process we are using to secure our devices is dumb – you be the judge! I am in the process of (regretfully) resetting my iPad Pro 2018 11″ to factory settings, as I couldn’t remember the passcode. As per Apple, if you forget the passcode for an iOS device like an iPad, the only way to use it again will be to reset it to factory settings, this will erase all the contents in the device. Normally, I have a mature process to handle this very situation (of remembering passwords)- where my passwords are stored in a password manager and the encrypted data file…