I used to be an obsessive ‘backup’ person. Decades ago, when I started coding in GW Basic and then Clipper, I always had backups in multiple floppies, and programs that I considered my masterpieces I even took printouts. With my laptops I even had disk images done with ghosting software. In the last few years, after cloud storages like DropBox and OneDrive came up, I have almost forgotten about manual backup and take it for granted.

Still, every year, in the holiday season I try to take an offline backup of all my data to external hard drives. Somehow, it feels satisfactory to do this – therapeutic – calming your anxiety. Have you felt the same?

With more of Internet Ban even in democracies and the great firewalls, keep some offline backup of your data with you, it may be super useful.

P.S.: The picture on the top is a view of my iMac, serving as a media server running Plex server, Calibre Ebook server and a Dropbox client mirroring the cloud data.


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