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    Organic washing powder

    The other day I read about this firm Krya based in Chennai who make natural skin care & home care products that are vegan/cruelty free. Interested, I ordered a pack each of their Organic Soapberry washing powder for clothes for Rs.290, and Natural Dishwash powder for Rs.190. The detergent powder comes with a cloth bag that you need to use to put the powder and drop in the washing machine along with your clothes.

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    Shaving Razors – Manual or Electric

    I have written earlier about how I solved the problem of maintaining my moustache trimmed regularly using Philips electric beard trimmer. Going by that experience I purchased online a full Electric Shaver – Philips AT 620 for Rs.2200. It turned out to be a mixed bag experience. While the Electric shaver gives a great shave, clean and soft, it has turned out to be more work. With the manual Razor shaving once in 3 days takes me about 3-4 minutes from the time of washing my face, applying cream and actual shaving. I am careful and with 3 blade razors it’s rare for me to get the small razor cuts.…

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    Shoulder bag or Men Purse

    Why are women have the benefit of carrying a bag with them?. As a man what am I supposed to carry, where do I put my large smartphone, keys, pen and other stuff? If I was wearing a suit I could stuff everything and the kitchen sink into one of the inner pockets. Right now I am imagining myself wearing one. A three-piece suit. And I am standing in front of thousands of people, going to begin a talk and I take out a crisply folded white paper from an inside pocket in a gentlemanly fashion. Wait… Even imagining this in “hot” Chennai I am sweltering. So that’s not going…

  • Chennai

    Petromax light wanted

    சென்னையில் Dude-தமிழா என்ற கடையில் தமிழ் காமெடி வரிகள் எழுதிய டீ-ஷர்ட்கள் கிடைக்கிறது. 2012இல் அங்கே இரண்டு  டீ-ஷர்ட்கள் வாங்கினேன், அதில் ஒன்றை இப்போது தான் அணிந்துக் கொண்டேன்.  அதிலுள்ள வாசகம், கவுண்டமணி–செந்தில் நடித்த மிக பிரபலமான நகைச்சுவைக் காட்சியில் வரும் வரியான “பேட்ரோமாக்ஸ் லைட்டே தான் வேண்டுமா!”, படம்  வைதேகி காத்திருந்தாள். Petromax (பேட்ரோமாக்ஸ்) was a carry-on light powered by petroleum fuel, which was popular in 1900s. மேலேயுள்ள படத்தில் “பேட்ரோமாக்ஸ் லைட்டே தான் வேண்டுமா!” டீ-ஷர்டில் நான்.

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    Diwali and my red trouser

    Who says Men Trousers have to be Blue, Black or Brown?. This Deepavali (Diwali) I experimented by gifting myself a “Red” colour trouser. The trick to look presentable with this colour is to wear it with a softer hue shirt, nothing fancy above waist.  I went safe with a White based formal shirt with Red & Blue stripes as seen below.  How do I look?. Can I dare to go to work in this costume?. My Facebook friends overwhelmingly think I can carry it well.

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    My Facial hair (what else to call this post)

    I don’t sport a beard, the 3 day stubble is the maximum I like my facial hair to grow. I will keep them shaved off every 3-4 days, except for my moustache. Been using the manual Gillette Razors (currently Fusion with 5 blades) all these years, quite comfortable with them and haven’t tried any of the motorized shavers. I have been sporting a “natural” moustache for last two decades, which is around the time I joined my college. You see a photo of yours truly below with Moustache during a college vacation to Ooty: Maintaining the moustache to the correct length (I like it to be trimmed medium length, say…

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    T-Shirts with Tamil messages

    Being Holiday went to Chennai City Centre mall for spending some time around. There I noticed a shop in second floor corridor called “Tee Kadai” (Tea Shop) run by Dude Thamizha. They were selling T-Shirts with messages in Tamil/Tanglish script which were funny or from Tamil movie comedy scenes. It got my attention at once. I purchased two T-Shirts. You can see wearing me one of it below saying “Recycling my Mom’s Way” (depicting old News Papers getting into Utensils, a common way to save money in India): I was told they print each of their designs for only one run, so you like something you need to buy it…

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    Chennai T-Shirt

    Early last month (March 6 & 7th) there was a display of souvenirs about Chennai. ChennaiGaga had put up this display cum sale at Wallace Garden’s Road in Nungambakkam. Had a little difficulty in finding the place, but Google Maps on my iPhone helped me to get near to the place. The display variety was pretty limited, few T-Shirts, Mugs & Bookmarks with Chennai related artwork on them. Nice first attempt.