Why are women have the benefit of carrying a bag with them?. As a man what am I supposed to carry, where do I put my large smartphone, keys, pen and other stuff? If I was wearing a suit I could stuff everything and the kitchen sink into one of the inner pockets. Right now I am imagining myself wearing one. A three-piece suit. And I am standing in front of thousands of people, going to begin a talk and I take out a crisply folded white paper from an inside pocket in a gentlemanly fashion. Wait… Even imagining this in “hot” Chennai I am sweltering. So that’s not going to work.

About a year back when I visited Singapore I saw this nice shoulder bag by Hush Puppies in Mustafa and I got one. Now I am using it regularly when I am going out. Normally this is what I carry in the bag :

  • back zip – my phone and wallet
  • front zip – hand sanitizer, spectacle cleaning cloth and car keys
  • middle area – a book, few toffees and a water bottle. cinema tickets, cash bills and parking tickets go here too
  • inside (safe) zip –  my ID cards and Passport (if I am carrying one)
Men Purse (or shoulder bag or messenger bag or satchel)

Men Purse (or shoulder bag or messenger bag or satchel)

This way my trouser and shirt pockets are empty and I feel light-footed in my walk.  For work, I use a similar but bigger size bag that can hold my Surface Pro 1 tablet and other accessories (HDMI cable, Miniport 2 HDMI, Earphone, Charger, USB cable and so on).

The question I get often is what’s it called. Is it a messenger bag or mail satchel or shoulder bag or men purse. I like to call it a men purse.

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