Who doesn’t love a comfortable denim jeans. Few months back I read in this blog about how these awesome jeans are custom tailored just for you by this company (Korra) in New Delhi. I ordered a pair of trouser for me for Rs.2900, I went through their online instructions for taking measurements, which was tough for me as I had zero idea on taking body measurements.


Each Korra jean is made just for you after they receive your order by an individual tailor by hand. The jean I ordered came in after few days in a lovely small package (see above), the parcel looked great. Unfortunately the fit for me was too tight. Writing to Korra support they instructed me to repeat the below measurement process, this time wearing the Korra jeans.

the waist (all round the waistband)
the seat (measured across 6 1/2” below waistband X 2)
the thigh (measured 1” below the crotch point)
the knee (measured 15″ below the crotch point)
the inseam (crotch point to bottom along the seam)
the bottom opening (all round)
the front rise (crotch point to top of front waistband)
the back rise (crotch point to top of back

I did that and received the new pair which fitted much better. They have asked me to keep wearing it often for it to get into my body shape in few washes. I am waiting for it to get super comfortable, let us see.


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