No school will teach you this, only age and experience will!   Never plan to wear a new (ready-made or bespoke) shirt without removing it from the packing and having it pressed (ironed). Shirts get creases in the folds when kept inside the bag. Always, remove the shirts from the bag, press it and then fold it lightly or hang them – ready for wearing.

For Chennai’s summer, a hat looks better and feels comfortable than a cap. Does it suit me? I bought the hat from Amazon India for Rs.247, called the “Fully Men’s Fedora Hat” it is made out of cotton and jute. My black hair is not happy to be hidden inside the hat, though!

I am not an environment freak like my son. I don’t avoid using plastics, responsible usage I should add. I feel plastics have been unfairly targetted by the millennials, the material has made a tremendous contribution to human life and comfort. The problem has been how we use it, what for, where and how we dispose of safely (still an unsolved problem for the scientists) it. I have been inspired by my mother when it comes to reusing anything good including plastic bags (read this example). I have been trying to use biodegradable garbage bags. I was missing the convenience…

I had written here about my purchase in 2014 of a messenger bag or shoulder bag that I use to carry my iPad, few accessories and cash. It was the best purchase I ever made, the bag has super convenient. The other day my father-in-law traveled and I gave the bag to him so that he carry his travel document easily. That meant I had to shop for a new bag for myself, I looked online. I found this one – Gauge Machine messenger bag for Rs.1799 from Myntra. With dimensions of Height: 19 cm, Width: 16 cm & Depth:…

Recently my nephew got married. Tamil Iyengar weddings are 2 to 3 days affair and are colourful throughout. It all starts with putting up of Pandal decorations in front of the bridegroom’s house – like the one you see in the top of this page. I was able to take these few photos capturing how beautiful the wedding was.