Lotus Biscoff

In 1932, a Belgian baker named Jan Boone Sr., creates a caramelised biscuit with nothing but natural ingredients. He names it Lotus, after the flower that symbolises purity. I am tasting for the first time, what is called as the…

Flat Water bottle

For a few years now, I have been carrying a men purse with me, when I go outside to an event or a cinema. I can drop inside the bag, my wallet, a mobile phone, hand sanitizer and so on,…

This dialogue from the “Man with a Plan” TV Show (Season 3, Episode 1) starring Matt LeBlanc as Adam Burns and Liza Snyder as Andi Burns, sums up what every husband feels like saying to his wife during an argument: “Stop Listening to my words and let me talk” #LifeQuotesFromTV #TVShows #Comedy #HusbandandWife #Amazon #PrimeVideo

Portico Memory Foam Pillow with a gel top

From teenage days, I have been using big and thick pillows. From what I saw in films I tried two pillows (one over the other) and lying on them. Thanks to my Yoga practise, so far I have not hurt…