I am fine to share our house with lizards, not known to worry about them**, but I expect them to know their boundaries – they are not welcome on my cot (or the loft above the cot, waiting to fall down any time, they seem to lose their grip on wooden panels), sofa and most importantly my work table and computers. Living room and other areas are fine.

For a week I have been observing a lizard (seen in the picture below) in the library area inside my office room. Every day in the morning, as I come into the room, pull the curtains apart, I meet him (or her). I ignored. One day the lizard fell on my body and ran away – I am not going to name the part of my body as it will divert the conversation to Lizard Astrology (பல்லி ஜோசியம்) which I don’t believe, but I did check it up in the calendar for fun. I washed myself and brushed the issue aside.

Yesterday in the evening, as I turned ON my laptop, I noticed the lizard, sitting (or standing or lying or whatever it is that lizards do) a foot away from my chair in the shelves next to the table. He was in my peripheral vision, waiting to run over me when I least expect it to. I moved out of the room and came back after some time, now I find it running in my keyboard tray and then on to my laptop – now, I have had enough. I tried the tapping(s) and the light shining to get it away, but it had decided not to move away from my table. I gave up after an hour.

Today morning, I gently pulled the curtain apart, there he was sitting near the window, slowly I opened the windows, kept tapping with a stick behind him and luckily (praise the Almighty) he ran through the window opening outside. I took the below picture and closed the window.


  1.  ** A friend of mine hated lizards and used to vacuum them away whenever she sees one.
  2. I have heard the tips of using eggshells and peacock feathers to scare the lizards away – but I live with my mother, and no eggs are permitted (due to being vegetarian and religious sentiments of her) in the house under any pretext. I don’t like the smell myself. Lastly, I have tried it in the past in a friend’s house/office (I don’t remember), it was not effective and too much work for a ‘rare’ problem. The same experience I had with peacock feathers; also, you don’t get natural peacock feathers nowadays and I don’t feel comfortable with the idea as we can’t be sure whether they were procured without harming the birds.
  3. About a year back, a pest control technician, caught all the lizards (on his own, I didn’t ask him) in the house, about 15-20 and throwed them away at a distance. After that for many months, the house was free of lizards.

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