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Got my first dose of COVID-19 vaccination

Yesterday morning I got vaccinated with the first dose of COVAXIN which has been developed and made in India. After a few hours, I got an SMS from Co-Win App, going there I downloaded the vaccinated certificate with a QR code seamlessly.

I felt overwhelmed with a lot of emotions:

  • It is unbelievable to think that mankind was able to make a vaccine(s) for a brand-new virus and get it in the arms of people around the world in less than a year. Kudos to all the scientists, healthcare workers and world leaders in making it possible.
  • I am feeling relieved to see the light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic – it is still months or years away, but we can hope for a world post COVID.
  • I am feeling impatient for the two weeks following the second dose to come so that I can start feeling safer and I can move around more.

Now the job for each of us is to motivate everyone eligible around you to get vaccinated (twice) ASAP.

Let us not forget that we need to continue to wear a mask and maintain social-distancing as a responsible citizen till the pandemic gets tamed, which unfortunately is threatening India in the form of the second wave.

Covid-19 Vaccination (1st Dose) certificate from Ministry of Health, Government of India
Covid-19 Vaccination (1st Dose) certificate from Ministry of Health, Government of India. My personal information has been blacked out.

Footnote: COVAXIN is made by Bharat Biotech, Hyderabad, it is an inactivated vaccine and its research name is BBV152.

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