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    Kandasamys: The Wedding (2019)

    Earlier this year, I watched Namaste Wahala (2021), a rom-com about an Indian & Nigerian couple that was nice. Following that, I looked for similar movies and I came across this one – Kandasamys: The Wedding (2019) – a sequel to Keeping Up with the Kandasamys. It follows two Indian families in South Africa whose children Prishen and Jodi Kandasamy are getting married to one other and the wedding runs into choppy water due to the ego clash between the two mothers. This film is available on Netflix and scores ‘Raw’. The film has a simple story. The Naidoos and Kandasamys are neighbours, with the latter richer than the former.…

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    Namaste Wahala (2021)

    Namaste Wahala (2021) is a Nigerian rom-com in English that is about an inter-racial couple (Indian and Nigerian) falling in love and the hurdles they face from their families to get together. The film was made by Indian-Nigerian filmmaker Hamisha Daryani Ahuja as her debut attempt, and she has got it right. Though there is nothing new in the plot, I am bumping up my rating for the film to “Ripe” for the novelty of the location (Nigeria) and showing Indian-African cultural ties – I would love to see more Asian-African films. Available on Netflix. Raj (Ruslaan Mumtaz) is a young and smart Indian investment banker working in Nigeria. One…

  • Keteke (Akan: Train) is a 2017 Ghanaian comedy film
    Movie Review

    Keteke (2017)

    A good cinema is all about coming up with an engaging situation and a well-written screenplay. Keteke (2017), a comedy film from Ghana by Peter Sudufia is a fine example of it – how a simple story with two main characters, happening over a few hours can be told. The film is available for free viewing for a month (June 12 to July 13th 2020) from Institut Francais. Boi & Atswei (who is in her late stage of pregnancy) are trying to go to the city & then to her mother’s village for the birth of their baby. They miss the morning train going from the station near their village.…

  • The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)
    Movie Review

    The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)

    What a movie this was! I had a great time watching the South African comedy, The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980), starring Marius Weyers as Andrew Steyn and Sandra Prinsloo as Kate Thompson. One day an (ordinary) coco-cola glass bottle gets thrown down from a low flying aeroplane into the lands of Kalahari desert. There Xi and his San tribe of bushmen who live there find it. These people have no contact with the outside world and so, they get baffled with the fallen object and regard it as a God’s gift to them. The bushmen have no concept of individual ownership, so far they were living happily, but once this…

  • Apartheid Sign in English

    South Africa’s Apartheid – Etymology

    Reading an article in The Economist about the state of affairs in #SouthAfrica, it occurred to me that the word apartheid, meaning of which we all know, could’ve been a combination of two simple words – apart and heid. “Apart” meaning is well known. “Heid”, I guessed was a form of “herd” like in “they were herded into a bus”. The full word was to mean “to keep the herds apart”. Looking up the etymology for the word Apartheid, I have guessed almost correct. The word comes from Afrikaans, roots of which are from the Dutch word “Apart” and English word “Hood” (which means a condition or state of being).