• Design Metro style apps - Day 1 of Microsoft Build 2011
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    Design Metro Style Apps – Day 1 of Build 2011

    In this post let me write about some highlights about Metro UI that I saw in the Big Picture sessions of Day 1. (Update: You can watch the entire keynote here ) The default templates shipping in Visual Studio whether it is for C++ or C# or JavaScript, they all do a great job in handling all the layout complexities and do the heavy lifting for building Metro UI. Microsoft has done a lot of user study to see the most ideal and convenient position on the screen where user’s thumb can reach and they are on the edges. As a result, it is good practice to put frequently used…

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    Day 1 of Build–Windows 8

    Let me begin by saying this first, I am blown away. What got announced in the Keynote today morning by Steven Sinofsky, makes it absolutely clear that Windows8 is a big bold step by Microsoft and has been repeated many times it is an OS that is definitely “reimagined”. You can download the Developer Preview bits of Windows 8 and SDK for free from here. Steven Sinofsky in his keynote mentioned some interesting facts about Windows 7: Approaching 450 million copies of Windows 7 sold Windows7 consumer usage greater than Windows XP 1502 non-security product changes delivered since Windows 7 shipped 542 Million people signing into Windows Live services every…

  • Microsoft Build 2011
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    Build Windows–Windows 8 is here

    I am here this week in Anaheim, CA for Build Windows conference. Weather is just fine and Disneyland near-by but I am here doing this post . Last few years Microsoft has been criticized for not doing enough in embracing “touch” and modern OS concepts pioneered by likes of Mac OS/iOS and Android. There is lot of anticipation on Windows 8 leading up to Build Conference today.

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    Amtrak California

    I am here in LA region this week for Microsoft’s Build conference. Today to get from Simi Valley to Anaheim (where the conference is going to start from tomorrow) I decided to take the train. Yes, I said it right, Trains do run in the USA and they are pretty good and frequent especially in California around Bay Area and Los Angeles. Any day I will prefer to do this in the USA than to sit in a car for hours seeing nothing but Tar roads and concrete falls on side of Freeways.  In my last visit to the USA I had traveled in local metro train in Bay Area…

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    RD Party @Carlsbad, CA

    I have been a Microsoft Regional Director from 1999 and I cherish the opportunity to get to know the legends of IT Industry especially in Microsoft Technologies.  Regional Directors aren’t Microsoft employees–they’re independent developers, architects, trainers, and other professionals who provide a vital link between Microsoft and the developer community. Today the day before Microsoft Build conference, we all had a party in Carlsbad, CA at one of our fellow RD’s mansion (OK, not really a mansion but a Track home). I have been to Carlsbad, CA few times before it is a lovely city in San Diego County and is popular for its lovely beaches, Golf courses visited by…