Today I travelled from Chennai to Los Angeles with transit in London by British Airways. The in-flight entertainment choices in BA are limited, for the whole month they have only a few movies and just one episode each of Comedy TV Series like Big Bang Theory & 30 Rock. And it is the same choices for inbound and outbound flights, so I am sure when I am returning from the US I won’t have any options to watch. In Business class, they have power outlets on each seat so I am sure I will watch something on my Laptop. The service by the in-flight crew was fine, but still short of what Asian Airlines like Singapore or Jet Airways or Cathay-Pacific offers.

I have travelled through Heathrow many times from 1998, but still, I am not a big fan of LHR. The Airport is huge and ta lots lot of time to travel from one terminal to another and the monorail system is limited compared to Singapore Changi Airport. The BA lounge in London had good facilities like Shower, Wi-Fi, Lots of PCs to work with headphones, good selection of food and drinks.

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