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    Megacities in the world

    June 2007 issue of IEEE Spectrum carried a comprehensive report on growth of Megacities. It talked about the pollution levels being highest in Karachi (Pakistan) followed by shamefully New Delhi (India), world urban population to constitute 60% of world population by 2030. London – New York has the highest international Internet Connection at around 387Gb/s. The report also talks about Sao Paulo’s complex bus system, building a green city in China, Unseen City below New York in the Subways, Earthquake warnings in Japan & Tata Power in Mumbai. I realized so much we don’t know about our cities.

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    I had bought this book sometime back, but didn’t proceed more than few pages at that time. This week I took it again from my bookshelf, I became interested on the topics discussed by the Authors (Economists) – Steven D.Levitt and Stephen J.Dubner. With reading for few days – few hours every night I finished the book. The book has a good followup resources including website, a blog and a wikipedia entry – so I will skip the introductions and details about the book. Instead I will just list here on what I liked/learned from this book: US Crime rate falling and connection with Abortion made legal two decades back (I think I…