• The Trader (2018)
    Movie Review

    The Trader (2018)

    The Trader (2018) is a documentary film from Netflix that follows a travelling trader in the Republic of Georgia (near Russia). He buys second-hand items from the city (Tbilisi) and goes to the remote villages to sell them for exchange of Potatoes. Surprisingly, Potatoes are the main currency of exchange in the remote villages of Georgia. Though it is short, the film shows us what the country life in these parts will be, and the aspirations of people living here. It is available on Netflix.

  • The Two Popes (2019)
    Movie Review

    The Two Popes (2019)

    An unexpected great film! I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Don’t miss it. The Two Popes (2019), released in Netflix two days ago, is a semi-fictional documentary based on true events that happened in the Holy Vatican a few years ago. The film by Fernando Meirelles follows the meetings between the Holy Pope Benedict XVI and (then) Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio in 2012 to 2013, which leads to the resignation by the former and the later ascending to become the new pope – Holy Pope Francis. The Cardinal from Argentina, who is disappointed with the way the Catholic Church was handling the recent scams, arrives at Rome to meet the Holy Pope and…

  • Movie Review

    Period. End of Sentence (2018)

    If you have a Netflix subscription, stop reading this blog and watch this Oscar winner, the best documentary short of the year – Period. End of Sentence (2018). It is about female menstruation and the taboo associated with it, even among girls it is a subject that’s often shunned at.  Set in Hapur village outside Delhi, the 26-minute film was about making people talk about it –  both the men and the women, the young and the old, talk about “Periods”. It is amusing and shameful at the same time, to see people embarrassed to acknowledge that they know what’s menstruation – basic human physiology – and the film by…

  • TV Show Review

    Michael Palin in North Korea

    In today’s connected era, if there is one country that is the least connected and known to the outside world it will be North Korea (DPRK). Till last year, when Mr Trump and Mr Kim Jong-un met in Singapore, the world especially Japan and South Korea were on the fear of a nuclear war in the Korean peninsula. When we hear the country’s name we see an image of a country that is tightly run, food being scarce, and the colossal military drills, gigantic misses and tanks that parade in the city square. Other than these, we knew nothing about the country. In the past I have travelled to South…

  • Faith,  Movie Review

    Vedanta Desika (2018)

    Swami Sri Vedanta Desikar is one of the most renowned Acharya (Guru) in the Vaishnavism tradition, during his lifespan of 101 years (1268-1369) Swami Desikar has authored over 120 works, though they were mostly about the supreme being he also wrote on other subjects. Sri Vedanta Desika is considered to be the incarnation of the Ghanta (Divine Bell) of Lord Sri Venkatesa of Tirumala. Born in a Vaishnavaite family, I have heard from the elders in the family the slokas and stories of Swami Desikar, especially the one where Lord Hayagreeva (our family deity and the avatar of Lord Vishnu in which he restores the Vedas to Lord Brahma) appeared…