I got to drive a Honda Shadow 750CC bike today, it belonged to my friend in Simi Valley, CA. I thought why will anyone want to drive a heavy motor bike like this one (I know there are more heavier bikes out there). After few minutes of driving in open roads especially on a cold windy day, I understood why. You need a solid body for stability on road especially when you are riding on good speed, second reason being that for you too get the power & speed you need a heavier engine. The drive was delightful!!!

I am in Redmond this week for work. We had meetings in Lincoln Square (opposite to Bellevue Square mall) today and for lunch, my colleague suggested we try the Indian restaurant Moksha. I was not sure but the food turned out to be tasty and the service was great. We both had the Vegetarian version of Moksha Thali which contained Rice, Salad, Naan (Indian Bread), and two side dishes. Yesterday for dinner a friend of mine who works in Microsoft Corp, took me (yes, I am lucky to get invited when I am travelling) to a Thai restaurant “Bai Tong”…

After our four hour trek to Switzer Falls myself and friends were starving. On our way back home to Simi valley where I stayed with a friend, we stopped in an iHop restaurant for breakfast. This was my first time to an iHop, which my friend said specializes on breakfast. There was a lot of variety to choose from in their menu, I went for a Strawberry Banana Pancake (shown below) & Tea. The pancake was a bit sweety for my liking (what did I expect!), but still it was quite tasty and I liked it.

After roaming around in Santa Monica pier for two hours, myself and my friend we were hungry. He suggested we have the speciality of the area, a Funnel Cake (how to make one) at a local store (Funnel Cake Factory). It was like a giant Jhangri (Imarti), sugar powder sprayed on top, cream with lots of strawberry pieces. I am sure it is a very high-calorie food, nevertheless, we both enjoyed it.

When I am travelling outside India I like to try as much as possible the local cuisine. I prefer to avoid going to Indian restaurants, not out of any dislike for them but to give myself a chance to sample multi cuisines of the world. The two filter conditions I have for the food I eat are that it has to be vegetarian and it should not be very bland – some characteristic of sweet, sour, hot should be in it. In Los Angeles & down south (Carlsbad) you get a good variety of Mexican food due to the proximity…