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    Apple Silicon iMac 24 Unboxing

    Recently, I bought from Apple India’s website, an M1 Chip iMac 24 inches blue colour for my father-in-law. I looked for an all-in-one computer that will be easy for him to use, with no cumbersome wires or setup. His usage will be limited to video calls over Zoom & Microsoft Teams, so it was important the device had a bright display, HD camera, loudspeakers and a microphone that captures clear speech. Apple iMac fitted the requirement. The reason I spent a premium over a Windows All-in-One PC was that he regularly uses his iPad, had tried a friend’s MacBook a few times and felt comfortable with it; also, his office…

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    Ted Lasso (TV Series)

    I didn’t think I will like a TV show about Football, one of the many games I have hardly watched, but after starting to see Ted Lasso on Apple TV +, I had to binge-watch the entire season 1 in two days. It was that good. Jason Sudeikis has done the title role of Ted Lasso very well; it was a delight to watch him. It had all the right ingredients for a TV series: an underdog sports team, a bit of British humour, and inspiring but down-to-earth coach who has absolutely no idea on the game he is coaching, one divorced couple, another divorcing, a broken relationship which leads…

  • Venkatarangan with his new iPad Pro 11 at Apple Store, Orchid Road, Singapore

    Apple, please treat users as grown-ups!

    I have an #iPhone and #iPadPro, I like their reliability. But it is infuriating how Apple dumbs down & eliminates features in the name of simplicity. Case in Point: To find a text within a #webpage in #Safari, is easy to do (CTRL-F or Menu) on a PC or Mac. In iOS or iPadOS you need to do a summersault! (Actual instructions are here) On which universe, finding a text is sharing?

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    Move from Android to iOS and transfer WhatsApp from Samsung Phone to iPhone

    With the public backlash against WhatsApp with their privacy policy revision, this may not be the best time for this post, but still here it is. I recently got a new iPhone. I am coming to an iPhone after exactly a decade, my last was iPhone 4 in 2010 and now it is iPhone 12 Pro. While waiting for the new phone, I made a check list of all the items and apps that needed to be moved from the Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite) and where their data resided: Contacts – Google Contacts Calendar – Google Calendar Mail – Microsoft Outlook and GMail Notes – Evernote and Google…

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    For Apps is Mobile first and Web last?

    As a farewell thought for 2020, let me leave you with an observation of a trend of last few years that got cemented this year. As an early developer for the web, I had believed that applications will get developed for the web first, depending on the market you then write native apps for iOS and/or Android. Using iPhone for the last few weeks, I am observing it is the other way round nowadays. Even if there is a web version of an app they are crippled compared to the native mobile apps. Look at Instagram where posting is not available on the web version (for God’s sake, why?), or…

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    Becoming You (TV Series 2020-)

    If you have an Apple device (laptop/iPhone/iPad) then check out the “Becoming You” in Apple TV+. It is about how human kids develop in the first 2000 days. The first 15-20 itself was priceless. Seeing those little kids in 4K melts away the worries of the pandemic. The opening story is about a 3-year old boy “Ruru” living in Tokyo, going out to buy sushi all by himself and returns safely. Something unthinkable in most places outside of Japan. The five-minutes long sequence was so touching. Similar was the next sequence of a boy in Nepal running around everywhere and taking breathtaking pictures with his camera. As a parent of…

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    Apple Silicon M1 is momentous

    Update on 19th Nov 2020 With the many reviews coming from third parties including The Verge, CNET & MKBHD, the Apple Silicon Mac computers seem to be living up to the promises made by Apple on stage. That’s great news. Many software developers (big firms and open-source) like Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Tensorflow have been posting about their support for Apple Silicon, this is unprecedented for a new CPU architecture. Apple Silicon seems to be marking the beginning of the end of Intel’s x86 on desktop computing. The original post published on 10th Nov 2020: I know it is a v1 product, but still, I am so tempted to buy…

  • Saramonic Blink 500 B6
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    Saramonic Blink 500 B6 – A wireless microphone

    Let me get this out – I hate Air Pods and clones being used for non-personal video calls, more so when I see them used in TV interviews! I had been looking for a microphone that can record clear audio with noise reduction. I wanted one that I can connect to my laptop, to be used for video calls and webinars. Superior quality microphones don’t come cheap, so it will be great if the same could be used with my iPad Pro or Samsung Phone for recording videos capturing crisp audio. I didn’t want to invest for the Pro condenser microphones used by popular podcasters as they were expensive, and…