• Gadgets

    I got myself a gaming keyboard but I am not a gamer

    I have written quite a few times here on my love for Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard and mouse. One particular model the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 I used for over a decade from 2007. Two years back I tried to have an affair with Logitech MK850 Keyboard but I quickly realised my mistake and bought a Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, which felt fantastic but was a disappointment due to its poor connectivity with Bluetooth. I am a fast three finger typist, so it annoys me when a keyboard lags behind my keypress and appearing on the screen, so wireless keyboards often don’t work for me. Disclosure: I write reviews about…

  • Technology

    Today’s special – Annoyances with apps

    Today’s post is about two annoyances I have experienced with apps: #WhatsApp and #MicrosoftEdge. Forward in WhatsApp: WhatsApp drives me nuts. Whenever I forward a picture message with a text, it leaves the text out. I have to use the share sheet (in a circular way) to share to WhatsApp again. Why can’t I select multiple photos & videos, to share them to Google Photos or Drobox for safe keeping? URL copy ‘n’ paste with Microsoft Edge: Last few days Microsoft Edge browser was driving me crazy. Every time I copy a URL from the browser address bar and then paste it in Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn text boxes, I…

  • Coding

    Windows Subsystem for Linux and Visual Studio Code

    It feels like magic when it all works out of the box on the first try. The free open-source IDE “Visual Studio Code” is one of the finest out there for coding. Combine that with a convenient platform like Windows Subsystem for Linux which allows running your favourite Linux distro with the frameworks and tools you need, and you have a perfect system to do development especially on Python. Today, after a fresh install of Windows 10 on my AMD Ryzen 7 desktop, I went with enabling support for WSL through the following commands (or through Add/Remove Programs) and then setting the default version to WSL2: You can then install…

  • Earthen Buildings Theme

    Earthen Dwellings Wallpaper for Windows 10

    Microsoft provides a variety of professional wallpapers for Windows 10 from their store for free. Many of them are breath taking views of landmarks, famous places and so on. Today, in a theme called Earthen Buildings I saw this captivating design of houses. They look like Apple’s spaceship headquarters, with the entrance to the houses from the inside, may be to protect themselves from the outside elements, what an ingenuity. Doing an (reverse) image search, I found out the houses are called “Fujian Tulou (Hakka roundhouses)” and they are an UNESCO World Heritage site. They are Chinese rural dwellings, unique to the Hakka in the mountainous areas in southeastern Fujian,…

  • Lenovo Ideapad C340

    An affordable 2-in-1 Windows Laptop for online training

    During the pandemic, video calls have become the norm for conducting training programs around the world. A friend of mine teaches for college students and business houses on topics of Foreign Exchange, Commodity trading and accounts related topics. For the last few months, he had to take the classes from his home over video calls. He hesitatingly took to Zoom and Microsoft Teams but was finding it difficult to explain concepts to the virtual attendees with the webcam in his laptop – for viewers the whiteboard on his wall is not that legible over the camera. Yes, there are ways to set up and write on a glass whiteboard, which…