Murasu Anjal keyboard is now in Windows 11

Rejoice! Murasu Anjal is now part of Microsoft Windows 11. After decades of waiting, Tamilians the world over can now use out-of-the-box the gold standard for Tamil language input in PC, the one-and-only Murasu Anjal in Windows 11. It is now an operating system feature. No need to install the app separately, just go to language settings, and add the keyboard. Please use it and share your feedback with Microsoft using the Feedback Hub app in Windows 11. It is currently available only for Windows 11, Version 10.0.22621.1344 and above.

The Tamil99, the keyboard layout standard prescribed by the Government of Tamil Nadu has been available in Windows 10, from 2017 as explained in my previous blog post. And the Tamil Phonetic Keyboard layout has been available in Windows 11 from 2021.


  • Dr Chandra Bose

    Yes. It works very fine. A magic indeed. But to increase the size of the Tamil fonts, Ctrl +] does not work. We have to seek the font window and the size has to be increased or decreased. Whatever it be, it is a great step ahead in Tamil computing. To get the keyboard come along with the system. We need not install a separate keyboard driver for this. Kudos to Muthu. பாராட்டுவோம் திரு முத்து நெடுமாறன் அவர்களை.

  • Abq_Vassan

    Useful info. Thanks. Where can I find instructions to toggle between English & Tamil…?

    Sorry but the video instruction is not useful, bit too fact or the screen shot is blurry. If you can, do provide the instruction in text.

    • venkatarangan

      You can switch (toggle) between language inputs in Windows 11 by using the Windows Logo Key + Space Bar. The first time you press these two keys, Tamil will work. Second time, English and so on. It is a cycle.

      To add Murasu Anjal or Tamil 99, you can go to settings (Windows Logo Key + i key), then Time & Language, then Language & region, then select Tamil click on the three …

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