We have seen TV series that is about love, friends, colleagues, family, community, mystery, theft, greed, and even games. But, only Rowan Atkinson CBE can produce one about a bee and him, nothing more.  Man vs. Bee (2022) was utterly unbelievable and stupid, yet wholly funny. In the two hours run, the miniseries make you forget your worries and laugh in many places. Thanks to Mr Atkinson for that and the show gets a Raw rating from Mangoidiots. Kids will adore the show, the cute dog Cupcake is sure to become their favourite.

To make his daughter proud a jobless man takes up the work as a house sitter to watch over a mansion for a few days while the owners are away. A bee enters the automated house and gives him all kinds of trouble. In a familiar Mr Bean fashion, Atkinson‘s character tries to get rid of the insect, and in the process, he damages everything that is in his way. When he power saws the million-dollar car, our heart skips a beat!

For the South-Indian movie audience, the plot of a man vs bee is sure to evoke the memory of a superhit Telugu film Eega (2012) directed by SS Rajamouli (the same director who made RRR 2022). While Eega was a revenge movie where the bee was an afterlife avatar of the protagonist, Man vs Bee is a full-length comedy. If you are one who don’t like Mr Bean, then this too will not appeal to you. I like anything Rowan Atkinson does, so I enjoyed this show thoroughly.

Man vs. Bee

Man vs. Bee

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